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Sarfaraz, 31, aus Lucknow, Indien, seit März 2016 bei diconium marketing. Er arbeitet als Consultant & Developer im Digital Analytics Team.

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Thoughts on German corporate culture

I worked for Accenture in India and after a couple of months, I accidentally fired some commands which crashed the server for a while. The Technical Manager came to me and asked: “You did it?“ I said: „Ya…“ Then he started giving a lecture and ended it with this line: “If you don’t know how to do it, then don’t do it”.

In Germany, when I was working as Research Assistant in SAP AG, Dresden, I again accidentally deleted some files from the server. The Research Manager who was also the Director of SAP Dresden, came to me and asked about it. Then he sat on his knees just behind my chair for 15 mins and taught me on my computer on how to use this software so that I will not repeat this mistake.

So, my opinion is: The working environment in Germany is very casual which helps to increase the productivity, but in contrast, it is very rigid in India. You can’t see Directors or CEOs talking with employees or eating lunch with them like in Germany.