Webinar session #1: Frictionless Convenience | NEW RETAIL 2020

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Martin Cserba
digital strategist & evangelist
Unfortunately, the webinar is in the past. Participation is no longer possible.

Retailers and brands understand that by relieving consumers of time consuming and interfering tasks through tailored micro services, they can offer them seamless experiences and one of today’s greatest luxuries: time.

Consumers feel increasingly comfortable with brands tracking their physical cookie trails (as they are used to online) and converting them into better omnichannel experiences that fit their context and moment.

In our interactive webinar session you will discover...
  • how retailers and brands understand the importance of relieving consumers of time consuming and interfering tasks
  • how retailers and brands can offer seamless and omnichannel experiences to consumers online and brick and mortar
  • how technology and data enable retail staff to better engage with customers and free up time to be with customer.


The hosts

Bruno Teuber, Chief Revenue Officer at commercetools
From our partner side we are very happy to welcome Bruno Teuber, Chief Revenue Officer at commercetools. For the last 25 years, Bruno helped, managed and advised various companies to build and scale high performing organizations, some of them from scratch. He will explain commercetools' innovative solution approaches from a practical perspective.

Matthew Woolsey, Global President at 66°North
Also, we look forword to our guest speaker Matthew Woolsey, Global President at 66°North. Matthew is an experienced business leader with a demonstrated history of working in the digital media and fashion industries. Jointly with commercetools he has been accompanying complex e-commerce initiatives. He will illustrate advantages and differences of cloud based platforms as enabler for frictionless omnichannel commerce and explain how to plan, deploy and operate seamless omnichannel commerce and experience.

Martin Cserba, Digital Strategist & Evangelist at diconium
The webinar will be led by diconium, the curator of NEW RETAIL 2020. Digital Strategist & Evangelist Martin Cserba being one of the main contributors to the New Retail Report, will outline some major context for the core, enablers, relevance factors and challenges of NEW RETAIL 2020.


Webinar session #1, frictionless convenience:

  • June 25 2020 | 5pm Berlin, 11am New York
  • 60 min
  • 45 min thematic deep dive injects through the experts
  • 15 min Q&A session with the audience
  • Language: English
The webinar is primarily aimed at decision-makers in the retail and related industries in the fields of corporate strategy, innovation, business development, e-commerce or product management.

Frictionless Convenience

One of the core relevance drivers of New Retail 2020.

Customers who are used to endless shopping options in e-commerce and social media, the return to a brick and mortar store can sometimes be a bit annoying, facing situations like "We’re out of your size", "We just sold the last one this morning", "We don’t have it in red, how about blue?". Until now. Digital shelf extensions or "endless aisles" allow retailers to offer selections and options they would never be able to carry in a single store to create — while at the same time offering customers an exceptional interactive shopping experience with the help of shoppable content in the store.

Smart brick and mortar retailers are leveraging the power of technologies and include real-time analytics, digital displays, augmented reality, and computer vision, to create fun, unique retail experiences.

These retail tech solutions dissolve the boundaries between online and in-store shopping, and create an omnichannel experience that builds brands, engages customers, and drives purchases.

More D2C (direct-to-consumer) brands will experiment with the “shoppable showroom,” especially in categories likes footwear and home. Brands will prioritize square footage for experiences over product, and will integrate digital and mobile checkouts, using a small footprint for the cash wrap. Customers seek curated experiences that cannot be accessed online with clicks.


About diconium

Since 1995, we have supported industry leaders such as VW, Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, Allianz, Kodak Moments and Sick in exploiting the potential of digital transformation and of-fering millions of customers extraordinary experiences. As a strong partner, we accompany companies through the entire digitization process: from Innovation & Strategy, UX, Data & AI, Commerce and Technology to Building of Digital Units.

One for all, all for one! More than 1.000 colleagues serve our clients from 11 locations worldwide: Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg and Karlsruhe as well as Bangalore, Detroit, Beijing, Lisbon, London, San José and UAE. What unites us? The courage to break new ground, mutual attentiveness, teamwork and the motivation to make a difference and create sustainable impact. diconium is a 100 percent subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.

About commercetools

commercetools is the world’s leading platform for next-generation B2C and B2B commerce. To break the market out of being restrained by legacy suites, commercetools invented a headless, API-first, multi-tenant SaaS commerce platform that is cloud-native and uses flexible microservices. Using modern development building blocks in a  true cloud platform provided by commercetools, customers can deliver the best commerce experiences across every touchpoint on a large scale.

commercetools has offices across the US, Europe,  and Asia Pacific, with headquarters in Germany. Since its founding in 2006, commercetools software has been implemented by Fortune 500 companies across industries, from retail to manufacturing and from telecommunications to fashion. More information at commercetools.com.

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Your contact at diconium

Martin Cserba
digital strategist & evangelist

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