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What we do

People of all personalities and skills work at diconium digital solutions. But there are a few things we have in common: individuality, team spirit and a high degree of professionalism. Everyone makes their own contribution, but ultimately we all do what we do best: online shops.

What we do

Different customers, different industries and diverse challenges – as leading eCommerce service provider, diconium digital solutions has a lot to offer; the opportunity to work with well-known and major brands, as well as to participate in a professional environment.

What we offer

Corporate culture

diconium digital solutions is one of the best employers in Germany. This is not our own opinion, it is also the belief of the university of St. Gallen.


You’ll not only feel like the “la crème de la crème” with your “free” latte macchiato, at diconium digital solutions we put the cherry on top with a few other extras.


diconium digital solutions is in Stuttgart located in the former Römerkastell barracks. Another attracive branch is located in Berlin, Hamburg, Karlsruhe and Lisbon.


diconium digital solutions is one of the best employers in Germany. This is not our own opinion, it is also the belief of the university of St. Gallen:

Team Spirit

Team spirit and individuality characterize our company. Lean management and direct communication channels enable quick decisions. An efficient, pragmatic and professional work ethic is our hallmark and strengthens our achievements. We enjoy these above all at a company celebration.


As owner-operated pioneer outfit in this dynamic Internet industry, we have compiled extensive experience and expertise over the past 20 years. We know what we want and what we can do. This is also reflected in our eight corporate values: Trust, commitment, transparency, integrity, respect, courage, consistency, initiative.

Your entry to diconium digital solutions

On your first day of employment you will be received by the HR department with a “Welcome Packet” and an introduction event. Your personal diconium digital solutions buddy will join you afterwards for lunch. You’ll be able to ask them any questions you may have in the following weeks. Intranet and “incorporation sheets” will help you quickly blend in and find your way around.

This works mainly while on the job, but you will always have the support of your co-workers. Our managers and experts will close the last knowledge gaps through presentations and training. Nothing stands in the way of a relaxed, yet successful entry to diconium digital solutions!

Your development

Everything we produce comes straight from our creative minds. We strive to promote and encourage these minds, because after all – the foundation of our success is built on the knowledge of our employees. At diconium digital solutions, gaining knowledge means gaining the ability to take responsibility. Over the years, we have developed and perfected a differentiated career model, to reinforce knowledge and responsibility.

An integral part of our career model are interdisciplinary networking through internal rotation and young professional promotion programs. And training. And certification. And coaching for our managers. And one more thing. We want more than just good employees. We want personalities.

Our development

diconium digital solutions was established in 1995 as dmc digital media center GmbH – a new media agency. Since then diconium digital solutions has expanded to network consulting, marketing, design and technology. Under one roof, our roof, specialists work hand-in-hand in web development, creation, project management and consulting to achieve for our customers, primarily: Better eCommerce.

As an owner-operated outfit with a staff of over 300 employees in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Berlin and Lisbon, diconium digital solutions is one of Germany’s leading eCommerce service providers and placed in the Top 100 employers of Germany.


Who may submit an application and how do I find the most suitable position?

Whether you are a student, experience senior manager or expert, we offer all eCommerce enthusiasts a number of ways to start at diconium digital solutions.

We are looking for new co-workers who appreciate open communication and professional work ethics, have drive and are flexible, possess team spirit and value a pleasant working environment.

If you feel this describes you, take a look under job vacancies and search for a suitable position. Even if you don’t find anything listed, we would still like you to submit your application.

How do I submit an application correctly, and what should I include?

You can submit your application several different ways. You can use our online application system or send us an email. If you send us your application as an email attachment please send one PDF file containing all the documents.

A full set of application documents contains a cover letter, your resume, all the relevant certificates and report cards. Please include in your cover letter what you expect to make and the earliest possible date you can start.

How does the recruiting process work?

diconium digital solutions recruiting is generally a step-by-step process. After your documents have been submitted they will be looked over and preselected by our HR department.

If you have aroused our interest, we will ask you to participate in a telephone interview, conducted by a respective HR employee.  The telephone interview allows us to get to know each other a bit, and to answer some initial questions. We will, for instance, ask you about your motivation, and your expectations.

After an in-depth talk with the respective department about your application we will invite you to a personal job interview at diconium digital solutions.

Lean management and direct communication channels enable quick decisions. And this goes for the application process as well; we want to provide you with feedback fast. Only a few weeks pass between the time your documents are received and when you sign the work contract.

What can I expect in the interview and how can I best prepare myself?

Our aim is, alongside professional aptitude, to identify the personality, motivation and potential of an applicant.

It is almost just as important to us that you get to know diconium digital solutions as an employer, and become familiar with the position and the specific field.  This includes conducting semi-structured job interviews.

Participating in this phase are the contact partner from the HR department you already know, and one or two department representatives. In some cases a second interview is conducted to get more information on a topic for instance, or to talk about job duties in more detail.

To prepare yourself before the interview, you should ask yourself the following questions about diconium digital solutions, the position – and take an honest look into what motives you: Why am I applying to diconium digital solutions? What is it about this position that interests me? What do I have that qualifies me for this position? What can I do that is particularly good? Where do I see challenges and/or where is there potential for further development? What is my distinctive feature? etc.

And think of a few questions you would like to ask us. We think it is important that you have a clear idea of what to expect at diconium digital solutions before you start.

Distance is no handicap.

Are you doing a practical semester, internship or any other type of sojourn outside of Germany and can’t show up at diconium digital solutions for a personal job interview?

Thanks to modern technology this is not a problem! You only need Internet access, a webcam and a Skype account, and then we can talk.

Don’t forget that even in a case such as this, this is a real job interview. Take care in your choice of clothing and where you will be during the interview. Make sure it is quiet and close all disturbing software and programs (such as Instant Messenger, etc.).

For us to get an idea of who you are and how you look “in person”, please provide suitable lighting and look into the camera (and not into the monitor)!

What should I wear for the interview?

This tenet is firmly rooted in our corporate culture and has always played an important part.

We want you to feel comfortable before, during and after the interview. Just be yourself. Naturally, your choice of clothes has to fit to the position you are applying for. This is particularly relevant if, for example, you are going to be in direct contact with customers as a representative of the company.

Clothing should however above all express the personality it is concealing.

When can I submit an application for an internship, trainee position or DHBW work-study placement?

This would be about 4-6 months before an internship begins. However, you may also submit an application shortly before the start of an internship as every now and again we can use last-minute support on a particular project.

Our application process for a trainee position or a DHBW course of studies usually begins one year before a start date. But here too there is no real application deadline. We don’t mind you sending in an application shortly before a start date. Please ask us via email or call to find out if a desired position is still open. We would be pleased to provide you with the information.

Can I write my final dissertation or thesis at diconium digital solutions?

Please feel free to submit an application with a specific topic in which you would like to write your paper or that you find extremely interesting.

We will then talk to the appropriate department and will let you know ASAP what has been decided.

We for You – Our contact persons

Eva Gabriel

director human resources

Telefon +49 711 29 92-0

Oliver liebig

human resource manager

Phone +49 711 29 92-0

Jessica Maschke

human resource manager

Phone +49 711 29 92-0

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