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Business software and processes of the future are fundamental for your success

Technology & system development – we develop high-end-solutions for all technologies

As an e-commerce business, we are indifferent about the e-business technology you would like to deploy. We are independent but have tight partnerships with top software manufacturers such as Adobe, SAP HybrisIBM or Intershop, in order to guarantee high-end solutions. diconium digital solutions has received various awards as an implementation partner.

We come up with a solution, which fulfils your needs. It is important for us to create solutions that are customer centred, efficient, scalable and adjusted to the future – with the technology chosen by you. We provide you with the full package for the implementation of your e-business solution, whether it is an e-commerce every day solution or a customised production.

We offer you:

  • IT consulting and software evaluation
  • System development and integration in all IT environments
  • Technical solutions for all components of the value-added chain

Through our independence in the selection of a technology, we offer you the flexibility, scalability and individuality to implement precisely the solution that best fits your requirements.

We take care to ensure that the life cycle of your eCommerce platform justifies your investment. Our software partners guarantee long-term stable technologies and innovations.

Take advantage of our professional expertise and our over 20 years of experience in the implementation of technologically innovative and creative solutions for eCommerce systems and eBusiness platforms, as well as our experience in complex integration projects for renowned customers.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

– Henry Ford –

The charm of uncomplicated business operations

The following are every day topics for us to optimise processes and provide first-class management for all connected systems and data streams: data management, e-commerce ERP merchandise management, multichannel retailing, market place integration, own market place, product information management (PIM).

We offer you:

  • Datamanagement and product information management
  • Automated and reliable e-commerce processes
  • Order and logistics management, integration of market places and third-party vendors.

Your customers’ satisfaction depends on how well data, media, interfaces and all eCommerce platform processes are being managed.

A cross-channel product range, compellingly presented, not only requires good product and catalog data (we’ll help in integration, processing and updates) but also effective multi-channel retailing with highly challenging update cycles (Time to Market), data distribution in market places and/or the safe transfer of all data.

At diconium digital solutions we have specialists that can, in any sector, refine processes, identify success factors and raise your eCommerce management to a new level.

The eCommerce solutions we implement, as a rule, are made with a significant number of interfaces so that your ERP (enterprise resource planning) connects problem-free with your eCommerce platform. And in the event your present interface proves unsuitable, we will still be able to implement our solution – precisely customized to your data, processes and infrastructure.

24/7, that’s every day of the year – service for your customers

Instead of using your own resources, we advise you to use diconium digital solutions for company and service management. The service provided by diconium digital solutions is adjusted to your needs, is scalable and always supervised.

We offer you:

  • Highly available and scalable hosting solutions
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) and processes according to the ITIL
  • Service management for application, data, content and media.

That’s why we provide our customers with excellent operating and maintenance services – even during periods of high demand when your technical infrastructure is in heavy use.

And speaking of connecting to various backbones: Our data centers consist of state of the art hardware, comprehensive security measures and the

fastest backup and recovery system with all the features of a highly professional operation.

A highly trained staff keeps a continual eye on your platform – nothing escapes our monitoring systems. And in the event that something may malfunction, you can count on us to be there immediately to sort out the problem.

We offer customized Service Level Agreements (SLA) in any desired form and conduct regular reports so that you might not have to experience a malfunction.

And we’re there for you even after completion of the project; our service managers will handle your application is if it were their own. Accessibility, quick reaction times and competent problem-solving are our hallmark.


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