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Digital user experience (UX) is an essential competitiveness factor in today’s digital world. Customers now place “Enabeld Services“ above products in terms of importance. Why do users love digital leaders such as Amazon, Google or Alibaba? ? They provide services that are integrated in the customers’ everyday life whether it is at work or privately. Ease, speed and experience are main factors.

As experienced e-business partner we will guide you toward creative futuristic digital strategies, concepts and designs that will lead you to success. This success will come from your customers’ engagement with the unique UX cross-channel and increased conversion rates.

Our partnership will last from the distribution, product mix or pricing strategy through to the set up and development of digital customer relations.

Our main focus will be your users, your business, the economic efficiency of the solution, culture, progress and technical abilities. Our UX-experts do not only have the e-business experience but are also trained to have empathy for your customers’ everyday life.

Our core foundation is to create UX disciplines that reflect a unique digital experience for your customers’ maximum usage. (such as customer journey scenarios, multichannel strategy, information system architecture, interaction design, content strategy, visual design, persuasive design, responsive design, usability testing).

To have an agile iterative approach, we offer to integrate a selection of your customers into the development of crucial experience processes in order to test first solution procedures.

BIDX (Branded Interaction Design Process)

Exklusiver UX-Entwicklungsprozess by diconium digital solutions: BIDX (Branded Interaction Design Process)

Our methodology: We work with “personas” or fictitious user types, we develop scenarios for the optimal customer journey, we define and weigh content and function, and we create remarkable brand experiences based on creative ideas and modern front-end technologies.

We don’t leave anything to chance: All the elements of your application are intuitive and easy to learn; they follow standard interaction principles, provide direction and consistently lead to more sales and customer loyalty.

Our services strengthen brand trust and lay the groundwork for valuable services that ensure customer acceptance: product presentation; lean and effective ordering processes; comprehensive customer-oriented service; and company/brand recognition across landing pages, social media networks and campaigns.


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