Become a digital champion on the road
diconium presents: Eight weeks on the road through Europe. Eight weeks of working and living. Join the greatest adventure of 2022!

diconium invites you on a unique road trip, infused with unique encounters, technological marvels, fascinating accommodations, and a lot of fun – without missing a single day of work. This is drive your life.


Have you ever been on a sustainable, inspirational, personal-growth-enhancing, work-life-balancing road trip whilst discovering Europe? No? Well, here’s your chance. drive your life gives you the opportunity to go on a two-month road trip through Europe while working for diconium – with a person of your choice.

So, choose your favorite from three exciting routes (Central & Southeastern Europe, Northern Europe or Southern Europe) and take a colleague, a friend or a family member with you. We will provide you with a sweet eco-friendly ride by Volkswagen and organize all your accommodation. You will attend exciting events, meet interesting people, and immerse yourself in new cultures. And all this on top of your job. Eight weeks of adventure, inspiration, and exploring await you.


Apply now and drive your life!


General conditions & FAQs

3 easy steps to start your journey

1 | Job-Fit ✔️

Check out our job openings below and choose what suits you best. We're always on the lookout for passionate people, and we want you to enjoy your work during and after the road trip.

It is a precondition that you get a job with us.

2 | Route & Constellation 🗺️

It's up to you if you want a friend, a colleague, or your partner to join you on the road trip. You can tell us about your route priorities in the application process – no matter whether constellation or also route priority.

Depending on your choice, you will take part in one of three chapters.


3 | Apply ✌️

You think you’re the perfect match for diconium and one of our road trips? Then apply now and drive your life! More information about the application process you will find below.

The application deadline is February 14, 2022.

Our job families

There are many roads to become a digital champion at diconium. Explore our job opportunities and then hit the "Apply now" button right below to apply with us and, at the same time, secure your chance for the road trip. And one thing is certain anyway: Regardless of drive your life, you can apply at any time, we are looking for loads of great, motivating, inspiring people!


Europe is a beauty. That’s why we give you the choice. As part of the application process, you will be given the opportunity to let us know your preference regarding route and time period that suits you best.

For each trip we are looking for a constellation: you plus your accompanying person. The routes and dates are rough estimations but you can count on the order. Means: Central & Southeastern Europe will be in late spring, Nothern Europe in Summer, Southern Europe in early fall.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peek!

Drive Your Life | Beautiful Balkans
1 | Central & Southeastern Europe

Dark green valleys, majestic mountains, crystal clear waters. Explore the beauty of the Balkans on the first part of the road trip. One of your stops: Romania, one of the fastest-growing IT markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Expected period: May to June 2022

Drive Your Life | Stunning Scandinavia

Did you know that Sweden is one of the most advanced digital economies in the EU? Create memories in that are yours to keep while traveling through the stunning landscapes and vibrant cities of Nothern Europe.

Expected period: expected from July to August 2022

Drive Your Life | Stunning Scandinavia

Lisbon is not only one of Europe's fastest-growing tech ecosystems but also home of one of our most buzzing branches. Discover Portugal and the other magical countries in Southern Europe with their warm cultures, picturesque beaches, and beautiful landscapes.

Expected period: September to October 2022


Drive Your Life | Family
Travel with your partner

You love to share every moment with your partner or your whole family? Since we don’t think in “traditional” family paradigms, any setup is possible. You will have an unforgettable time together with lots of adventures and exciting places – and all this on top of your job at diconium.

Drive Your Life | Friends
Travel with a friend

Life is meant for best friends and great adventures! diconium makes it possible for you two to tour Europe together for two months, discovering exciting places and meeting inspiring people. And all this through your jobs.

Drive Your Life | Colleagues
Travel with a colleague

Working together in an office is something anyone can do. How about you and your current or future colleague working and living together in the most exciting hotspots in Europe? Our road trip makes it possible. Of course, there will be no shortage of fun and chillaxed time-outs.

6 reasons why

1 | Become an expert in Digital Commerce, Growth, Ecosystems

At diconium, we create digital champions. This is not only our slogan but our ambition, and this road trip is no exception. At the end of your journey, you'll be an even greater expert in Digital Commerce, Digital Growth, and Digital Ecosystems as our planned program revolves around these three points. You will conduct interviews, talk to people in charge, and learn. You can be assured that we will try to find the right balance between job-related work, road trip-related work, and free time.

2 | A unique start in your new job at diconium

How about skipping the small talk and jumping right into the action? Literally, because action describes our diconium road trip best. Every job you can apply for can be done remotely, and we make sure that you will have everything you need to get started. Few people can answer the question: "Hey, how's it going with your new job?" with "I'm on an eight-week road trip through Europe right now". So that's why you shouldn't pass up this opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime onboarding.

3 | Work-life balance at its best

Do you want to spend more time with your family or a friend, but you don’t know how to combine your private life with a new job? We can make it happen. We believe that experiences are much more powerful when you have a companion on your side. This makes traveling (and working) way more fun. So, grab your best friend, your favorite colleague, or your partner and just bring them with you. That way, you'll have someone to share all your unforgettable experiences with.

4 | Break Out from your daily routine

The diconium road trip gives you the opportunity to take a step back from your daily routines. Whatever they may look like, we understand that sometimes you just want to break out: Free your mind, step out of your comfort zone, and feel alive! If you're up for eight weeks of adventure and exploration, then you've come to the right place. Expand your horizons, meet new people, make memories, and discover unfamiliar places. We promise you won’t regret it!

5 | Discover Europe

Since Europe is a continent full of diversity, beauty, and culture, we believe that there could be no better place for our road trip. With the Balkans, Scandinavia, and the Mediterranean, we have chosen three exciting regions, each promising a unique experience. All three feature distinct landscapes, fascinating cultures, and breathtaking technology that you can experience at any time during the road trip. Of course, there will be plenty of stops to give you the opportunity to explore away from the beaten path.

6 | A sustainable and safe journey

Travel has never been so sustainable! We’ll lend you with a fantastic vehicle from the Volkswagen family that's not only sustainable but stylish as well. We will do everything in our power to make our road trip as green and safe as possible. We’re taking the pandemic and our responsibilities very seriously. We will continuously monitor the situation and take all the known and necessary precautions. We will follow the countries’ most up-to-date COVID guidelines as well as diconium's guidelines.

What happens after your application?

Phase 1: Join the diconium family ✔️

As a first step, our people and organization team will screen your job application and share it with your potential future department. If everyone is happy, well, you get the job! Congrats on that! Providing you've signed your employment contract, now you automatically enter the second phase of the drive your life application process.

Phase 2: Shoot a video 🎬

If you have successfully mastered the “job fit”, then it is time for us to get to know your “road trip fit”. Grab a cam and shoot a short, creative video* in English, together with your travel companion, in which you show us why you are the perfect team to discover Europe for eight weeks on wheels. 

* For more information about the evaluation criteria, read the FAQs below.

Phase 3: Wait for the jury decision 🥇

You're getting closer and closer to your road trip! Now, our jury – consisting of diconium experts, well-known influencers, and organizational psychologists – screens all application videos and decides who fits this unique opportunity best. You're among the finalists? Then we will invite you to introduce yourself personally to the jury.

Phase 4: Prepare for the road trip 🗺️

Your application video and pitch have impressed the jury so much that they have chosen you? Wow, you did it! No worries, we will help you prepare for the road trip – and your new job at diconium. 

Phase 5: Hit the road! 🚍

The time has come! You and your companion travel Europe. We planned the perfect route for you – with exciting stops and accomodations along the way. Oh, and thanks for sharing this unique trip with us and our followers!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is your attitude towards the pandemic? Is the road trip also taking place under the current Corona situation?

We take the pandemic and our responsibilities very seriously. We will continuously monitor the situation and the road trip will of course only take place if the current situation allows it. We expect that the situation will have calmed down to some extent in May 2022, when the first road trip will start, so that we can carry out the three road trips – of course taking all the known and nencessary precautions. We will follow the contemporary Corona guidelines per country as well as diconium's guidelines that will be valid next summer. Clearly, since you will be staying in hotels and/or great other accommodations, and visiting exciting places and activities each week, it is desirable and also somehow a prerequisite that you are fully vaccinated against Corona, otherwise you will not be able to participate in much of the road trip activities at all. This then also makes little sense for you in the end. But yes, it is not an exclusion criterion.


What if my friend/partner works at another company? Do my partner/friend and I both need to work for diconium to go on the road trip?

Nope! If your partner/friend already has a job and doesn't want to join diconium, we think that's a pity, but it won't stop you from joining the road trip with us. During the road trip, your partner/friend can continue with their job while you pursue your new job at diconium.


If somebody really wants to travel but isn’t as social-media-savvy: Will you coach them?

Definitely. We will include coaching sessions for all participants in their pre-trip-onboarding, regardless of their social media skills. More important to us is a willingness to create content for diconium and of course a lot of enthusiasm for the trip.


Can I go on the road trip alone – without a partner/colleague/friend?

Ultimately, you can also apply for the road trip alone – however, we wouldn't recommend doing so because it's helpful to have a buddy with you, both considering the long distances you will have to cover by car from time to time and the interviews that have to be conducted and filmed at the same time. That's why we encourage you to apply with your partner, a friend, or a colleague.


Which documents do I have to submit with my application?

In the first step, which is the normal application process to work with us, we only need a CV from you. For applications in the field of strategic consultation we require additional application documents in addition to you CV (cover letter and references). Later on, for the road trip, you have to submit additional material such as the video. Here, we need all documents that are required for the "road trip fit".


What do you look for in "road-trippers"? What requirements do I have to meet as an applicant for the road trip option?

There are a few basic requirements that you should have:

1) Social-communicative openness; esp. feeling comfortable in communication/interaction situations.
2) Motivation towards participating in the road trip
3) Basic knowledge in dealing with social channels
4) Very good English skills, esp. feeling comfortable communicating in English
5) Driving licence

But don’t worry: You don’t need to be a Social Media professional; we will include coaching sessions for all participants in their pre-trip-onboarding, regardless of their social media skills. More important to us is your enthusiasm for the trip!


Does my friend/partner/colleague who would join the diconium road trip also need to send in an application?

As long as your partner/friend/colleague does not currently work at diconium and does not want to, it is not necessary for him/her to send an application. However, there are no limits to your creativity when filming the application video, so it is up to you whether you, for example, integrate your buddy in the video or not.


When do I find out if I’ve been chosen?

You will receive feedback as soon as possible after the application deadline on the 14th of February 2022. As in the normal application process, we will of course inform you directly about the other status of your application. As always, everything is possible: from a direct rejection to an invitation to a first interview.


What are the next steps if I am selected?

If you are selected and you are external, the first step is the signing of the contract. Afterwards there is an onboarding phase of about 4 weeks into your job and the road trip. The onboarding takes place here in Germany.


Besides work, what will I be doing on the road trip?

During the road trip, your workload might be made up of around 70% of your actual job and around 30% of road trip related work. Together with your partner/friend/colleague you will visit stations that are in some way related to diconium's values (Courage, Impact, Collaboration, Mindfulness). Furthermore, there will be stations that will revolve around our three focus topics Digital Commerce, Digital Growth and Digital Ecosystem and around the topic Sustainability. You will have interviews, talk to people in charge about these topics and discover a lot of new things. Of course, during your free time you are free to do whatever else interests you. And one thing should be obvious: If you know someone somewhere, want to visit someone: that's fine, by all means. We strive for a good work-life balance!


When does the road trip start?

We plan to start the first road trip in early May 2022. The second road trip will start eight weeks later in early July. The last road trip will start eight weeks after that at the beginning of September. More specific dates have not been yet set. Of course, we may also need to remain flexible with Corona guidelines.


Does diconium plan the content of the road trip and decide who we meet/interview?

Yes, we at diconium plan the content of the road trip, such as places, organizations, people and interviewees you will visit. But this is only a framework. You remain flexible in your daily life, of course.


What happens after the road trip?

After the road trip is over, you will continue in your job at diconium.


You want to be informed even more? We'll answer all your questions in the extended FAQs. 

See all FAQs


See the general conditions (PDF)

If you have a question that is not listed here or in our FAQs, feel free to contact our drive your life team:

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