Sensor Data Use And Monetarization
Which in-car data can be used to offer the most attractive services that are both customer-centric and cost-optimized? diconium has found the answers for a global technology company.


Client: A global technology company

Industry: Automotive, sensors

Business: B2B

diconium expertise: Ideation, digitale business models, datat strategy, data science


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Sensor Data Use and Montarization


With the help of sensor data, our client develops new mobility services such as car sharing or, in the future, autonomous shuttles. The goal is to make these services as attractive, customer-friendly and cost-optimized as possible. diconium was entrusted with the development of concepts to determine which sensor data combinations can generate the greatest added value.


  • Value class analysis of the data and identification of common monetization options 
  • Reference and analog values on existing data marketplaces 
  • Market and demand estimation through Google Trend analysis
  • Quantitative validation in identified target groups 
  • Qualitative validation through interviews with potential Consolidation of results in the form of a market model and high-level business case


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  • Identification and prioritization of relevant use cases. 
  • Quantitative evaluation in terms of monetization, e.g., by drawing analogies to comparable reference projects. 
  • Validation of revenue potential by determining the willingness to pay of potential customers and market size estimation 

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