Sensor Data Use And Monetarization
Which in-car data can be used to offer the most attractive services that are both customer-centric and cost-optimized? diconium has found the answers for a global technology company.


Client: A global technology company

Industry: Automotive, Sensors

Business: B2B

diconium expertise: Ideation, Digital Business Models, Data Strategy, Data Science


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Sensor Data Use And Monetarization


"Data is the new gold, as long as you know how to mine and sell it" - Our client had the opportunity to collect an abundance of sensor data of unprecedented quality and frequency. The goal was to find out if there are use cases and a market for this kind of data. diconium was entrusted to identify the market need within the specific target customer groups. We validated our estimate prices and possible revenues both on a quantitative and qualitative level. This contribution allowed our customer to decide whether or not to pursue the opportunity to implement a data based business model. 


  • Value class analysis of the data and identification of common monetarization options 
  • Price estimation by cross-referencing existing data marketplace offerings
  • Market and demand estimation through Google Trend analysis
  • Quantitative validation in identified target groups 
  • Qualitative validation through interviews with potential consolidation of results in the form of a market model and high-level business case


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  • Identification and prioritization of relevant use cases. 
  • Quantitative evaluation in terms of monetarization, e.g., by drawing analogies to comparable reference projects. 
  • Validation of revenue potential by determining the willingness to pay of potential customers and market size estimation 

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