Digital platform for retirement planning
Radically new and simple processes for a digital customer experience from start to finish: the landing page for this digital retirement planning product is completely tailored to the lifestyle of the younger generation.


Client: A worldwide leading insurance company

Industry: Insurance

Business: B2B

Technology: Adobe Experience Manager

diconium expertise: CMS development, UX/UI design, user testing, tracking tool implementation


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Digital Platform for Retirement Planning


Young people need to make private provision. However, inflexible offers often stand in the way. Our client's aim: to make retirement planning platform convincing and radically easy to handle that young people would simply start putting money aside for the future.


The flexibility of the new product offers the target group of 25 to 45 year-olds a low-threshold introduction to the topic of retirement planning. No long-term payment obligations, a low entry fee, and uncomplicated digital handling make this offer to a pension product that is completely tailored to the lifestyle of the younger generation. From the first contact, everything works digitally: the contract can be concluded from the website and can then be managed completely online. This makes planning for the future less abstract, more tangible and, above all, convenient.


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diconium has combined the Lead Experience (landing page), Purchase Experience (application section) and Customer Experience in collaboration with its client to create an intuitive, informative and inspiring customer journey. The AEM-based landing page makes the strengths of the offer immediately tangible: more freedom, more clarity, more security, more growth. Here, diconium built in tracking with hand-selected tools and tag management systems according to the client's specifications.

The application seamlessly continues the experience from the landing page and includes the following steps: account creation with M-Tan procedure, entry of personal data, contract conclusion and an identification procedure with VideoIdent or Postident as well as activation for the existing customer portal.  


  • Seamless Customer Journey
  • Simplified Processes
  • User Experiences combined on one platform

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