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The companies of the diconium group at a glance:

diconium strategy | logo

diconium strategy is a management consulting firm for digital business and facilitator in the process of digital transformation of brands, manufacturers and retailers. We support companies regarding digitalization during their entry, optimization and growth.


diconium digital solutions | logo

As an innovative e-business service provider, diconium digital solutions develops technically innovative and creative solutions for online shops and e-commerce platforms under the service promise "better e-business".

diconium marketing | logo

diconium marketing combines performance marketing and digital analytics with the goal of automated marketing campaigns. diconium marketing operates data-driven, performance-oriented and e-commerce-focused to put its clients in the best position for the digital competition.

embitel | logo | diconium

Based in Bangalore, London, Detroit and Stuttgart, the embitel group has developed into one of the successful outsourcing partners in the digital commerce environment. embitel successfully integrates the areas of embedded software and e-commerce under one roof.