We are an interdisciplinary team of tech specialists and business experts with a common goal: we help our customers to identify their sustainability potentials and to activate them through innovative initiatives. 

Today, sustainability is no longer an option – it is decisive for business success in the long term. Governments, consumers, and employees expect companies to behave responsibly and meet ambitious targets that make a positive contribution to society and the environment.  

We support our clients in setting their sustainability goals in a meaningful way and achieving them with holistic measures. We combine our expertise in strategy consulting, data science and software development to holistically consider economic, environmental, and social aspects of a business model. Together, we develop solutions for strategy and implementation that enable our partners to operate more sustainable and profitable.

What we offer our clients:

Develop Sustainable IT

Creating sustainable IT infrastructures & architectural landscapes, designing products with the environment in mind, and using eco-friendly coding practices make IT more resource-efficient, customer-friendly, and barrier-free. E.g. IT decarbonization strategy & implementation, sustainable web development

Enable Responsible Organizations

Creating sustainability structures that involve employees from different departments and that are closely aligned with the overall corporate strategy helps companies achieve their sustainability goals. E.g. materiality analysis & benchmarking, holistic sustainability strategies, target setting, change management & transformation

Promote Conscious Commerce

Designing innovative business models and customer interfaces with sustainability in mind encourages customers to make environmentally & socially friendly purchasing decisions that support your conscious omnichannel retail and e-commerce business. E.g. purpose-driven innovation, circular business models, digital nudging


Sustainability Dashboard

With our automated sustainability reporting, companies can track their performance and make predictions about their target achievements. We actively provide impulses for possible adjustments that promote the expansion of goal-oriented sustainability initiatives.

Digital Nudging

Many companies face the challenge of reducing their indirect emissions. In e-commerce, these often arise in the product use phase by the end customer. With digital "nudges", we encourage people to make more sustainable consumption decisions.


May we introduce: Our team for Client Sustainability Services.

In the following listed topics, the focus is on our own strategic, responsible transformation: our processes, the collaboration between teams and units, and the products and services that result. This transformation has an impact on all stakeholders in our value chain.