diconium supports charitable projects that make a difference. Both for us as a team and for society. 
Doing Good Collectively.

We would like to give something back through voluntary commitment. This involves more for us than the annual Christmas donation. Rather, we look for meaningful projects with which we can identify as a community – and we know that a company is a community in which people inspire each other.

That's why we're currently working with a task force to find out what we as a company actually want to stand for. Through continuing dialog, we are finding out which organizations suit us and where our commitment can have the best possible impact.


Private Food Donations

Many of our colleagues are privately committed to the common good. One of them had the idea to inspire the colleagues at the Hamburg location and at the same time to ask for further support, since food donations have fallen drastically. Since November, any donations for the homeless have been collected through networking and a green box in the Hamburg Office. Whether sleeping bags or durable, packaged food – once a month the donations are sent to the German Red Cross and distributed to people in need.

Donation Boxes for Animal Welfare

The organizations Canil da Aroeira (Lisbon) and Associação MIDAS (Porto) take care of the welfare of neglected animals.  With a lot of dedication and work, they take care of the adoption, species-appropriate husbandry and medical care.  Funds are collected in the donation boxes set up by the employees in the office in order to support the efforts of the associations, so that the animals can also be guaranteed a dignified life and ultimately find a new home. Here, too, it is not about an initiative by diconium, but about supporting the individual commitment of the team with structure and networking.

Planting Trees

Gratitude. Giving something back to society and nature. The desire of the colleagues from Lisbon was great and diconium was happy to support the initiative.  The case concerned the promotion of climate protection projects that reduce environmental damage.  Colleagues from Lisbon had the idea of setting an example on International Tree Day and supporting the Plantar Uma Árvore association. The association develops and implements volunteer programs to restore ecologically damaged areas by restoring native forests and native species  involving the community.  In March 2021, the Lisbon office had 120 employees, so diconium invested in a total of 120 trees.


Our internal bonus system is an expression of mutual appreciation. Many colleagues use their bonuses to support social projects.


Team Events

Nothing is more motivating than giving back to others. That's why, for example, our recruiting team decided to use a cross-city clean-up day as a team-building event in September 2022. Colleagues from other departments appreciated it so much that they were eager to lend a hand.


Committed at all times – our Corporate Volunteering team.