To protect the environment and conserve resources, we act according to a clear maxim: we measure our CO2 emissions and reduce them where we can and compensate when we cannot avoid them. 
For the Climate – Not for a Label

As a globally active company, we are aware of our responsibility for the planet and its inhabitants. That's why we are committed to keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible. Not just on paper, but through serious efforts on our end.

We want to measure our CO2 emissions and reduce them where we can. If we see no further room for improvement, we compensate by purchasing CO2 certificates and select compensation projects according to strict criteria, making sure that we support meaningful projects that strengthen the regional ecosystem.   

The Mission: Less Emission

We believe in personal responsibility. Whether in day-to-day business, in dealing with customers, or with the resources we use. There is potential for change everywhere. We just need to look closely. For example, we noticed that we could use our office space more efficiently, and have already implemented measures to do so. In general, it's about continuously questioning our behavior, processes, and guiding decisions in such a way that they enable us to choose strategies that generate the smallest possible footprint – be it in business travel or purchasing. As with other issues, we focus on raising awareness and personal responsibility. To support this, we also offer incentives – for example a monthly mobility budget as a benefit for our employees, who are suggested to give preference to public transport and other services.

We are aware that it takes time to change people, processes, and habits. But we also know that we can make a difference every day. Already, our team of digital champions is constantly developing new solutions.


Carbon Footprint Measuring 

Measuring our footprint accurately requires great transformation. We're already getting started. With workshops, cross-departmental collaborations and external support. We will also describe this process transparently here. 

Efficient Use of Space

Our hybrid workplace model and the efficient use of the new desk booking tools have enabled us to achieve further energy savings: since October 2022, we have restricted the use of many rooms and floors at all locations, enabling us to reduce cooling, heating and electricity accordingly.

Our booking tools and their continuous improvement ensure that our employees can plan ahead and that we can reopen quickly if we run out of space. Furthermore, we are currently working on a technical solution to switch on the electricity at the workplace only when the workstations are actually booked.

Deutsche Bahn 1st Class Test Phase

We believe in personal responsibility. That's why we are currently testing whether traveling in 1st class – and the better working conditions – will incentivize our employees to skip flights.


May we introduce: Our Green Team for Environment & Resources.