new work

We want to grow and develop ourselves as well as our work, contribute our strengths, live our freedom, and be an active part of the community. That is our definition of digital leadership.
Transformation Starts With Trust

We want to act sustainably and take responsibility. Each and every one of us. This is why we want to empower each other to take responsibility. We create a climate of mutual respect, transparency, and trust. We create an agile network in which we continuously learn with and from each other. The success of the individual is the success of all. 

We treat each other as equals and cultivate a corporate culture of honesty and trust. We encourage everyone so that each person can develop their full potential. We strengthen strengths and, where necessary, provide support to compensate for our weaknesses. Our working hours, our workplace, and our work content: we are flexible in all directions. As digital champions, we are a community. Connected to each other, but still with room for our own personal purpose. 

Focus on Results. Not Time.

We work sustainably and use our working time efficiently. What counts is the result. That's the only way we measure each other. Flat hierarchies, good communication , feedback skills, and fast decision-making processes make it possible. Our digital tools ensure that we work efficiently. It doesn't matter whether it takes us 40 or 4 hours to achieve the same thing. However, it makes a big difference to our human and natural resources. As digital champions, we eliminate repetitive tasks and create a framework in which the maximum freedom and self-determination is possible. 


New Work Culture Workshops

Meaningful work, coaching instead of leading, efficient collaboration: Together we define the future of work.

Hybrid Workplace

At diconium, you do your thing. At your own pace. Independent of time and place. Equipped with lots of flexibility, personal responsibility and a powerful tech stack.

Innovation Ecosystem

We are creating a system in which everyone can exchange ideas and bring them to the table in order to drive innovation together. 

Mental Health Coaching

Topics such as depression, burn-out and exhaustion are not taboo topics and it is encouraging to see how employees share their experiences, for example within company-wide team chats. If we find ourselves in such situations, it can also be helpful to speak to a neutral, external and technically competent person.

That is why we offer our employees mental health coaching through the Fürstenberg Institute. Individual consultations can be used at short notice, unbureaucratically and on a daily basis at any time. 

Festival of Strategy

Which 7 superpowers distinguish digital champions from others? We found out together. 


May we introduce: Our team in the field of New Work & Wellbeing.