We create meaningful impact by making resource efficient measures in everything we plan, design, and implement. For us and for our clients.
Sustainability Meets Efficiency

Our services are digital – but their impact is real. Both for our users and for the planet. Because every image we store, every bit we use and every line of code we write uses energy and generates CO2.

But this is precisely where enormous potential lies, because accelerated digitization can contribute up to 41%* to achieving the 2030 climate target. That's why we simply do what we do best: we use our expertise to drive digitization not only efficiently, but do it in a climate-friendly way.

Small Changes, Large Impact

For us, sustainable product development means: we create software applications that are as resource efficient as possible, right from the start. From infrastructure, to code, up to design. Especially for applications that are used millions of times – such detailed changes can have a significant difference within no time at all.

After all, if we manage to change many individual processes in a climate-friendly way, we can quickly save the annual electricity consumption of thousands of households. We are currently testing how this works in practice on a whole range of projects. This is how we reduce our footprint along with that of our customers. With each individual project.


Website Decarbonization – Green Coding

If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself. That's why we set ourselves the goal of transforming our website into a CO2-reduced website.

Software Development Process

How can the footprint of the development process be measured in concrete terms? To answer this question, we have created a dedicated position.

Sustainable and Accessible Marketplace

The implementation of this project is based on green coding and green UX principles from the very beginning.

Sustainable Enterprise Architecture

Sustainable principles are incorporated into the tools of our IT architecture work and are a concrete part of the planning process.

Sustainability Frontend Demo App

Sustainable Web Design in a tangible way: a demo app shows the difference between the classic vs. optimized version.

Sustainable Data Maintenance Backend

How can data maintenance backends be made even more efficient? Our team explores this question at all levels of the application.


Every line counts. We are the people to contact when it comes to sustainable product development.