E-COMMERCE facing the new normal: A head start through data | WEBINAR 

May 19 2020 | 5pm Berlin / 11am New York | 45 minutes

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Marcus Worbs
managing director diconium strategy

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Marco Luerssen
senior manager

Times of crises introduce new behaviours, new customer needs, new business dynamics: the New Normal. Especially in consumer sectors increasingly defined by e-commerce, decision support systems trained on yesterday's world no longer apply, an especially critical change for retail and e-commerce.

"Business dynamics have changed beyond our intuitive understanding." 60-80% of conventional patterns are no longer relevant: consumer behaviour has shifted rapidly.

"Data from the last two weeks is more predictive than the last two years." 
40-70% of relevant predictive signals come from external data sources (as the disruption is external).

Learn how to master this new reality as diconium and SparkBeyond join together to demonstrate how to spot emerging trends and explore new relationships. The webinar is aimed at consumer-sector decision makers. 


The hosts

On the diconium side, Marcus Worbs, Managing Director of diconium strategy and Marco Luerssen, Senior Manager will lead through the webinar. From SparkBeyond we look forward to Solomon Alkhasov, General Manager and Mike Sterling, Senior Data Scientist. Both will share some highly interesting practical insights with us.

You may also look forward to our guest speaker Magnus Helmvee – in his role as Senior Industry Manager Retail & CPG (EMEA) he has been accompanying digitization initiatives around Data & AI in the retail sector at Microsoft for several years. His main focus is within intelligent supply chain and how technology can used to enable transparency and optimize both sustainability and profit.

Get the answers to questions like: 
  • How can AI help discover nuanced newly emerging segments of high (or low) life time value (LTV) consumers?
  • How can AI discover new segments in near real-time to keep up with the COVID-era pace of change?
  • How can I "do more with less" when it comes to marketing spend?
  • How do I optimize my supply chain given rapidly changing demand?
  • How can I adjust my inventories today to consumer needs of tomorrow?

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E-commerce facing the new normal | webinar | May 19, 5pm

Designed to tackle the cognitive bottleneck and bias inherent in human thinking, our technology is a must-have enabler of new, highly differentiated route-to-market models and a crucial tool that allows businesses to react to events ahead of their peers.


1)  Get see business insights, trends, and microsegments the moment they emerge in data

2)  Personalize the customer experience

3)  Evolve your portfolio as consumer needs change

4)  Drive end-to-end efficiencies

5)  Adapt "right product, right place, right time" mantra to the age of e-commerce

6)  Be faster than your competitors with analytics as a differentiation

BEST CASE narrative

A top-3 consumer electronics company unlocked >$80Mn through increased forecasting accuracy.
An EMEA consumer name with a digital product offering drove higher consumer lifetime value through 25% lower marketing spend.
A top-5 UK retailer discovered over 25 actionable shopper micro-segments on its loyalty program, with an average spend stretch potential of x2.3.

diconium brings end-to-end consultancy services to develop the strategy and architecture; embedding SparkBeyond as an operating system for clients to shape the New Normal. Clients see actionable insights in the first few days, and pilot-ready solutions in weeks.


As "big box" retailing is ushered out the door, AI  helps you identify root causes and drivers, discover complex patterns, and expand your hypotheses search by automatically augmenting your data with external factors.

Go beyond predictive models by discovering key drivers and root causes of business outcomes.
No more black-box AI: you can be confident the decisions your AI is making are interpretable and understood.
You’ll be equipped with the tools to win with tailored training by a dedicated Impact team.

diconium and the AI technology company SparkBeyond enable the industry to fully exploit the potential of artificial intelligence (AI).

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May 19 2020 | 
5pm Berlin / 11am New York | 45 minutes
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The Hosts


Since 1995, we have supported industry leaders such as VW, Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, Allianz, Kodak Moments and Sick in exploiting the potential of digital transformation and of-fering millions of customers extraordinary experiences. As a strong partner, we accompany companies through the entire digitization process: from Innovation & Strategy, UX, Data & AI, Commerce and Technology to Building of Digital Units.

One for all, all for one! More than 1.000 colleagues serve our clients from 11 locations worldwide: Stutt-gart, Berlin, Hamburg and Karlsruhe as well as Bangalore, Detroit, Beijing, Lisbon, London, San José and UAE. What unites us? The courage to break new ground, mutual attentiveness, teamwork and the motivation to make a difference and create sustainable impact. diconium is a 100 percent subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.


SparkBeyond's AI-based problem-solving platform enables companies to take their future into their own hands. It helps to identify causes and drivers, to recognize complex patterns and enables solid hypotheses thanks to the automatic extension of data by external factors. Today, leading Fortune 500 companies from a variety of industries work with SparkBeyond, including insurance, financial services and energy. SparkBeyond pioneered the use of artificial intelligence for strategy, growth and innovation.  

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Your contact at diconium

Marcus Worbs
managing director diconium strategy

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Marco Luerssen
senior manager