diconium Expert Academy

November 21, 2019 | 5 p.m. | DIGITAL GARAGE | Naststrasse 33 (im Römerkastell), 70376 STUTTGART


From developers for developers - that is the motto of our gratis Expert Academy. Here you can discuss technical issues with colleagues from other companies in a relaxed atmosphere and in small groups and find solutions to the problems that really affect you - in practical lectures and workshops. And all this in a very special location: Our Digital Garage is not only full of exciting gadgets, it is also a place where future is made. Together with the Stanford Research Institute, we offer workshops and prototyping sessions for world-leading companies from all industries. 

Sign up for the workshop „Functional Programming with React and Redux". 

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diconium Expert Academy

And here's how it works

WHY Our Expert Academy is precisely tailored to your needs. No blah-blah, but everything at eye level. Here are developers among themselves. 

WHAT Our goal is for software engineers and web developers to meet and discuss software design, technologies and concepts. The theme of our next event: „Functional Programming with React and Redux". 

The event is free-of-charge and everyone is welcome.

WHEN The next Academy will take place on November 21 from 5 p.m. in Stuttgart. Please come a few minutes earlier so that we can start on time.   

HOW Just register and come by. Snacks and drinks are provided.




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THE Location

Digital Garage | Naststraße 33 (im Römerkastell), 70376 Stuttgart

Apple, Google, HP - many modern tech legends have started in a garage. We can do that too! In our Digital Garage companies find space for design workshops and prototyping sessions. For this we have brought the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) physically to Europe for the first time. The interior designers have consistently focused on the creative process of finding and designing. A flexibly adaptable arena with modular seating steps and loose seats serves as a "listen+learn" zone for conveying ideas. The "ideation" area, in which knowledge is reflected and ideas concretized, can also be flexibly designed - thanks to mobile bar tables, whiteboards and chairs. At the Workbench, the ideas gained are translated into concrete prototypes with the help of state-of-the-art technology. The ambience combines industrial charm with a modern café feeling.


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