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How technology paired with creativity is reshaping retail

Physical retail is not all about sales anymore! Retail spaces will rather act as living and breathing physical portals into brand and product experiences. Beyond mere consumption, we’ll go to these spaces for entertainment, education, connection and community. In short: The emphasis is on the relationship with the consumer. To enable sustainable growth in retail, we are forced to radically redefine the core of retail, which goes far beyond "Digital Retail".

That is why years ago we began to setup interdisciplinary teams of strategists, analysts, digital experts and futurists to identify and define solutions for the retail landscape of tomorrow. Massive knowledge and insights from research, trend studies, discussions and interviews at congresses and conferences have been aggregated into this New Retail 2018 report.

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#MBNR18 – new retail report 2018


Learn more about the drivers of change that enable a shift to a new retail era

In cooperation with Mercedes-Benz we have identifed five key drivers of change for New Retail. The technologies needed are existing and adopted by consumers much faster than by companies.

We share them to allow companies to follow the redefined purpose of retail practices and to use best case examples to develop their digital retail strategy. There is no reason not to START NOW.


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Starship Technologie’s semi-autonomous delivery robots are designed to manage local delivery of packages, groceries and food. The robot drives e.g. to the restaurant to get loaded up, delivers to the address and then goes to the next restaurant to do it again. Goods can go up to 10kgs to be delivered within 15-45 minutes, to homes within more than 3 kilometer radius.


Disover countless other great innovations that reshape retail in our report.

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#MBNR18 – new retail report 2018

Contributors (from left to right):


Fares Kamal, Retail Digitialization Daimler ITS
Martin Cserba, Digital Strategist & Evangelist diconium
Andreas Grund, Manager diconium strategy
Marcus Worbs, Managing Director diconium strategy

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