BIG DATA Rotating Dinner

The NETWORKING EVENT for the FINance aND Insurance industry

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Marcus Worbs
managing director diconium strategy

November 26, 2019, 6:30 pm | Frankfurt, Germany | Restaurant Heimat

The innovation race in the financial sector is in full swing. A key topic: Big Data Analytics. Our Rotating Dinner will introduce you to other leaders across insurance and finance and show you how to take credit risk assessment and fraud detection to the next level with automated data analysis driving business impact in 10-12 weeks. Join us as we discuss the future of the industry. Learn from Marcel Halbherr, Head of Sales and Marketing at Swisscard, how his company is mastering disruptive change and how he personally uses AI platforms to drive disruptive business impact.


The event is in the past. Unfortunately, registration is no longer possible.

Big Data Rotating Dinner

The Rotating Dinner by diconium and SparkBeyond is a networking event specifically designed for high-ranking representatives and digital experts from the financial and insurance industries. The highlight: the rotation principle allows you to talk to as many different participants as possible in the evening. The exclusiveness of the participants guarantees an exchange at the highest level. A best-case presentation will provide plenty to talk about.



18:30 Welcome & Drinks
19:15 Introduction & Entree
19:50 Case Study 1, SparkBeyond:
Banking the Unbankable & Insuring the Uninsurable
20:00 First Rotation & Main Course
20:30 Case Study 2, Marcel Halbherr, Swisscard:
Business not as usual
20:35 Second Rotation & Dessert
21:00 Q&A
21:15 Networking


Most AI-based credit risk models are black boxes that lack explainable decision-making methods. But without a transparent, group-wide framework for risk modeling, financial institutions cannot generate complex, meaningful risk measures. An AI is needed to provide financial institutions with interpretable risk management decisions and a more detailed and individualized approach to risk assessment, increasing accuracy and enabling automated thin file scoring. Third-party data integration enables more usable insights and more accurate credit risk models.

diconium and the AI technology company SparkBeyond enable the industry to fully exploit the potential of artificial intelligence (AI).


CASE STUDY 1: Banking the unbankable, Insuring the uninsurable

Solomon Alkhasov, GM SparkBeyond discusses a live example of Banking the unbankable and Insuring the Uninsurable using the deep level of insight AI offers to drive real business impact, achieving in 12 weeks what top global banks have not achieved in 2 years.

CASE STUDY 2 - Business not as usual: The disruptive impact of AI with the example of Swisscard 

Marcel Halbherr, Head of Sales and Marketing bei Swisscard, gives exclusive insight into his personal experience of harnessing the power of AI as a non-technical business user to drive disruptive business impact. 

Background: Swisscard AECS was founded in 1998 as a joint venture between Credit Suisse and American Express. It combines American Express' leading global expertise in credit card management with Credit Suisse's strong national distribution channels. The joint venture is the only card issuer to combine comprehensive solutions for clients and merchants under one roof. It is responsible for product development, marketing and sales, customer service and card processing.

The Hosts


Since 1995, diconium has supported industry leaders such as VW, Allianz, Mercedes-Benz, Bosch and Sick in exploiting the potential of digital transformation and offering millions of customers extraordinary experiences. As a strong partner, diconium accompanies companies through the entire digitization process: from Innovation & Strategy, UX, Marketing & KI, Commerce and Technology to the development of digital units. More than 900 colleagues serve customers from eleven locations worldwide: Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg and Karlsruhe as well as Bangalore, Detroit, Beijing, Lisbon, London, San José and UAE. The common denominator? The courage to break new ground, mutual attentiveness, teamwork and the will to make a lasting difference.


SparkBeyond's AI-based problem-solving platform enables companies to take their future into their own hands. It helps to identify causes and drivers, to recognize complex patterns and enables solid hypotheses thanks to the automatic extension of data by external factors. Today, leading Fortune 500 companies from a variety of industries work with SparkBeyond, including insurance, financial services and energy. SparkBeyond pioneered the use of artificial intelligence for strategy, growth and innovation.  

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