diconium brings Stanford Research Institute to Europe


diconium will physically bring the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), the birthplace of Silicon Valley, to Europe for the first time. As a result, we will be working in long-term with one of the world's most desirable partners when it comes to innovation and disruptiver trends. The cooperation includes a plug-in innovation process for companies that accelerates the development of new, digital business models, products and services. In addition, companies from Germany will have access to innovative and disruptive technologies and the corresponding SRI labs and teams. 


diconium brings Stanford Research Institute to Europe

"German companies from all sectors need permanent access to disruptive trends and efficient implementation processes for digital innovations in order to minimize the time from idea to market maturity and thus save costs. Together with the Stanford Research Institute, we will make our contribution to these companies with the new offers.”

Founding Partner of our projects, Andreas Schwend

Together with SRI, we have set up a digital garage in Stuttgart, where up to 10 companies will find space for digital product design workshops and prototyping sessions. These are managed by employees of SRI and diconium.

The advantage for companies that opt for a "Digital Garage" membership: They acquire direct and on-demand access to the innovation areas of more than 2,000 scientists from the Institute and thus receive ongoing insights into disruptive trends and technologies of the world's best and recognized research institute. The number of companies is limited to ten in order to keep the quality of care for a small, exclusive circle of members high.

Customers will be able to increase their pace of innovation during the digital transformation and, on the other hand, to reduce time-to-market for new digital business models, products and services.

Andreas Schwend continues: "The total package of innovation-driven quality and quantity of thousands of SRI scientists allows a far greater innovation potential to be built up than from typical cooperations with start-ups or own innovation centers. This collaboration for the integrated digital innovation process will be at the absolute Champions League level and unique in Germany".

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