Top Job Award 2017 - Best Employer in Baden-Württemberg

We are excited: On February 17, Wolfgang Clement in Berlin presented us with the Top Job Award as the best employer in Baden Württemberg for the fifth time. A scientifically based employee survey conducted as part of this competition confirms our very high level of job satisfaction.

A good reason for the achievements in this competition is a corporate culture that releases dynamism. The company's motto "Fast track to digital leadership" commits everyone involved to a hands-on mentality and intense self-accountability, forthrightness and dedication.  In return, diconium offers vast contribution options and career opportunities. Dedicated employeeshave access to vertical and horizontal development paths to professional and management careers, including all the way to senior management based on a role-level-model.  In conjunction with structured employee reviews, the individual performance is assessed, goals are agreed upon and joint structured feedback is obtained.  Every time, work goals (horizon:  1 year) and development objectives (horizon: 3 years) are defined.

Given that the average age is just over 30 and the quota of academics in the company is high, subjects such as family orientation, work-life-balance and "staying fit" are top priorities at diconium.  The company supports its employees in the matters by offering numerous benefits, such as special leave and athletic teams, flexible work hours and work from home options.  Part time job opportunities are seized by employees on all levels. For instance, the company employs several executives who are now working between 50% to 100% of the regular full-time hours.  "We attain our goals by paying attention to our corporate culture and by preferably addressing the question "Why not"  instead of  "Yes, but...," elaborates co-founder Andreas Schwend, explaining diconium's self concept. "There are good reasons why our crew is known for its professional know-how, for respecting each other, our flat hierarchies, great company events and a touch of start-up." 

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