diconium group combines e-commerce activities of all diconium companies

  • Largest independent e-commerce service provider in Germany, with a new structure for further growth
  • Founders Andreas Schwend and Daniel Rebhorn are developing the group under the diconium brand
  • New company ‘diconium marketing’ strengthens the commerce alignment within the diconium groupIn 2015 it will be 20 years since the company diconium digital solutions (former dmc) began its lasting impact on the then-undeveloped e-commerce segment. Over these 20 years, a commerce service provider has been created, that continuously competes among the top ten largest e-commerce service providers– now employing over 500 specialists within a diverse range of services in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Hamburg, Bangalore, Peking and Lisbon.The service portfolio has been expanded step by step, most recently in 2012 by founding of diconium strategy (former dmc commerce consultants), and now, in 2014, with the online marketing specialists diconium marketing (former ro11). With diconium marketing, the group is focusing its services in digital analytics, performance marketing and marketing automation.embitel priv. ltd., a company specialising in e-commerce- and commerce-related embedded software development, based in Bangalore (India) with over 180 employees, has already started to build in 2006.‘The digitalisation of our society has changed our way of thinking and acting, in both commercial and personal areas. This major change to a digitally influenced multichannel behaviour requires fundamentally new approaches from companies’, according to founders Andreas Schwend and Daniel Rebhorn.

    Many companies are still in the early stages when it comes to digital commerce and are planning growth or internationalisation. The demand for service providers is growing, which can serve the entire value creation chain, from strategic consulting via customer experience, operationalisation and day-to-day operation towards marketing of digital applications.
    In this area, the two founders see major potential for growth and a unique selling point compared to well-known strategy consultants and IT service providers.

    To highlight this value proposition, diconium GmbH was founded in January 2014, which forms a holding company with diconium digital solutions GmbH, diconium strategy GmbH, diconium marketing GmbH and embitel priv. ltd being part of the diconium group.

    diconium group combines the expertise of highly specialised and experienced employees and companies, with the aim of combining all the relevant services for the implementation of customer-oriented commerce solutions in a digitalised world.

    ‘fast track to digital leadership’ reflects the diconium approach.

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