Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence captures companies: personalized digital applications, digital language assistants and the link of IoT devices revolutionize distribution models. In doing so, data-driven added value opens up great opportunities as regards what you can offer your customer and your company management.

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Artificial Intelligence


We assist you with the proper deployment of artificial intelligence as a symbiosis of man and machine based on our many years of digital experience. The integration of data, sensors and suitable process configurations is enforced through consistent change management. During this process, we harmoniously qualify your organization of employees and machines.


Artificial Intelligence

We advise you on the correct use of Natural Language Processing

The machine processing of speech in text or acoustics is currently a hot topic thanks to chat bots and the language assistants, e.g. Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Home. These applications are constantly getting better at recognizing the human speaking voice. For example, Google Voice search performs a voice analysis. It recognizes whether a speaker's voice is female or male. Google adjusts the output of search results on a gender-specific basis. Therefore, the content output must be personalized and tailored to the appropriate target group. Existing content is divided into different attributes and classified into sentiment, response and tonality. In particular, automatic text production, text recommendations and translations are an enormous competitive advantage when drawing up contracts in e-commerce or in the insurance and financial industry.

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Artificial Intelligence

The potential of machine data – our consulting service portfolio

Data is generated during the process flow in each business process. Machine-learning-algorithms learn how to automatically capture these structured sequence patterns. With the integration of additional data sensors, the machine detects anomalies in these data patterns. For example, the machine "tells" you that maintenance of the current forecast will be necessary in 3 weeks or that the current delivery time is not achievable due to bottlenecks. You can integrate these insights into your e-commerce platforms in a fully automated manner to communicate them to your customers in real time. In the long-term, you will increase your customer loyalty and improve the forecasting of demand peaks. In doing so, they control your product line management and your distribution model more efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence

Image recognition as part of our consulting services

Understanding objects and their properties in images is one component of artificial intelligence. Smartphone users generate billions of images per day worldwide and, of course, also depict brands in situations and contexts. Applications like Google Lens will recognize the objects in these images and automatically submit them to search engine information in the future. The automatic evaluation of the context in which your brand is recorded opens up enormous potential for the development of your brand. In addition, the real-time positioning of your brand in user-generated content is becoming increasingly important. This symbiosis of own brand content and user content will sustainably change your digital touch point and content strategy.


Smart Service

Fast Fulfilment is the "Name-of-the-Game" of customer experience.


Improve your customer experience by personalizing your digital customer touchpoints.

Management Control

Use your process data to support and automize your company processes.

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