Marketing & Artificial Intelligence

Successful digital marketing relies on user data. These must be collected, interpreted and translated into effective measures. diconium uses artificial intelligence to ensure that your users always receive the right message at the right time. For targeted, more effective online marketing.

Marketing & Artificial Intelligence

diconium is a specialist in all areas of digital marketing: from SEO and SEA via e-mail marketing and Google shopping to smart data analysis with artificial intelligence. If you know what you want to tell your users, we know when, where and how.



Good digital marketing is squaring the circle: You want to address as many potential customers as possible at the same time. And then, you have to talk to each user as if he or she were the only one being addressed. The challenge: To tailor a message perfectly to individual users, you have to know them extremely well. In particular, you need to know what the user's needs are at any given moment.

Marketing & Artificial Intelligence

Hence, effective personalization requires a large number of data points. Then it takes the technology and expertise to evaluate and interpret the collected information and to translate it into effective measures. Only then Big Data has a big impact.

Marketing & Artificial Intelligence


With Digital Analytics we demonstrate how you can collect relevant user data and make it usable. Together with you, we develop a responsive multi-channel content strategy for your B2B or B2C campaign and then automate its implementation. Intelligent machine learning technologies constantly optimize the user approach and spread your message more and more effectively.


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