Marketing Automation

diconium supports you to automate the right message at the right time via the best channel. Thus, you will reach your customers with interactive, relevant and targeted marketing measures.

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Marketing Automation


Marketing automation brings customer data from a wide range of sources together. In such a way that the marketing campaigns can be implemented efficiently, content can be personalized and perfect controlling is made possible for companies.

Marketing automation means perfecting all of the processes in the company. This is the only way to define customer segments correctly, personalize information and optimize costs. It is possible to achieve the ideal return-on-investment, only when process methodology, tools & data integration, team, scope & management are coordinated successfully.

Marketing Automation


Our work begins with your digital maturity assessment. This shows the level that a company has already achieved in marketing automation – in terms of the tools, strategies and processes. This initial assessment is an important starting point for defining the next steps.

In the field of B2B marketing automation, it is all about the customer life cycle and customer relations. The number and quality of leads, which are generated by automated, cross-channel content have a positive effect on an increase in efficiency between marketing and sales. In case of B2C marketing automation, the focus is on brand awareness as well as the product itself. Of course, a longer information phase may follow before the purchase for high-quality goods. This changes the focus and the maintenance of the customer relation is the center of attraction before the purchase analogous to B2B marketing automation.

As a result, the focus is changing slightly and shifting to maintaining the customer relationship before the purchase – analogous to B2B marketing automation.


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