Real-Time Marketing

In digital marketing, mastering the art of communicating with customers in real time and strictly person-to-person, is the ultimate mission. Real time marketing achieves exactly that: Responding to relevant events via e-mail, push notification or in the social web. We will assist you with your strategy development, the search of compatible tools and the implementation of your real time communication.

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Real-Time Marketing


Through direct customer contact, an effective sales person will find out how to address the customer's specific need and will determine the perfect time to approach the customer. In the digital world, real time marketing assumes this role and helps interact with customers in a personal way through relevant and current topics. Goals of this can be as diverse as the deployed channels. The basis for this support paired with automation is frequently a large volume of data (big data), which has to be analyzed, assessed and subjected to a list of rules in real time, so that the exact point in time for the perfect approach can be determined.

We will help you bring together your target groups, channels and goals in one integral strategy. However, real time should never be diminished to an end in itself.  Thanks to optimized data analysis, you now have the means to specifically manage the activities of your target group with a focus on sales. Compile and distribute your content with a focus on your customers and align your marketing with networked clientele.

Real-Time Marketing



For the benefit of our customers, we analyze e-commerce trends and assist you with the development of tracking and data recording concepts. Our content marketing and analytics experience will ensure that you choose the perfect tools along with the professional implementation of your endeavors. 


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