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Online Marketplaces and Platforms

A great marketplace requires a solid platform 

E-commerce is increasingly taking place on online marketplaces and platforms - that is, in online shops and ecosystems that comprise the products of a large number of different sellers. This setup perfectly combines supply and demand and has many advantages for customers, vendors and companies. However, it also poses major challenges.

Running a marketplace requires special skills within the company that usually differ significantly from classic e-commerce. These skills are not only technical. Can you provide the necessary organization and processes - in short: skills - that meet the individual requirements of your marketplace? And what does a platform as a functional foundation of your marketplace look like?


What we do

diconium develops business cases for online marketplaces that are based on your company's capabilities and demands. We derive use cases and iteratively design an individual platform architecture that turns your marketplace into a flawless interface between providers and customers. We then integrate the solution into your existing IT architecture. We implement this solution in a classic or agile way - depending on your in-house processes. 

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It has become very difficult to keep track of the countless e-commerce providers. diconium selects the right partner for you - independently and individually. We then handle the implementation, the operation and the worldwide rollout. You get all this from one single source - trouble-free and result-oriented.

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