Digital Sales

Today, e-commerce providers have to adapt individually to their customers. This includes personalized offers as well as direct communications channels. diconium develops end-to-end e-commerce frameworks and customer journeys that inspire customers and yield their long-term loyalty to your company. 

Digital Sales

Communication is the basic prerequisite for any successful e-commerce platform

The major digital players have set new standards in terms of customer journeys: proactive action, customer proximity and digitally supported services inspire and attract customers. Users are now approaching all e-commerce providers with corresponding expectations. They require personalized services, a seamless multichannel experience and above all: simple, personal communication channels that are accessible at all times.

That's why we always start with relevant customer insights, which we then use to design products, services and sales channels. These allow your company to learn more about your customers and to optimize processes accordingly. From reaction to action: you proactively approach customers, individualize services and strengthen customer loyalty.

Digital Sales


This cycle must be designed and implemented holistically to function effectively and seamlessly. That is why we develop complete e-commerce frameworks including customer journeys and communication models that are individually adapted to the needs of your customers.

The individual parts - marketing automation, data analytics, personalization engine - merge into a well-coordinated whole during implementation. Of course, we test our solutions for user acceptance during and after implementation - to not only meet the expectations of your customers, but to exceed them.  


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