diconium Group unites under a single roof the e-commerce activities of the Stuttgart-based dmc companies

  • It is the largest, independent e-commerce service provider in Germany with a new structure for further growth
  • Founders Andreas Schwend and Daniel Rebhorn are developing the group under the lead brand diconium
  • The newly established diconium marketing reinforces the commerce focus within the diconium Group

In 2015, dmc digital media center GmbH celebrated the 20th anniversary of having a sustainable impact of the E-commerce segment, which was still in its fledgling stages at the time.  Over the course of these 20 years, the company has evolved into a commercial services provider that remains in the top 10 of the largest E-commerce enterprises and that now employs close to 500 experts (incl. India) with a wide range of backgrounds in Stuttgart, Berlin and Bangalore. 

The service portfolio has been successively expanded; most recently in 2012 as a result of the incorporation of dmc commerce consultants and in 2014 by adding online marketing specialist diconium marketing.  Through diconium marketing the group bundles analytics, performance and marketing automation activities under one roof.

As early as 2006, the company began to develop India-based embitel pvt. ltd., a company that now employs a workforce of 180 and is a player specializing in commerce-affiliated embedded software development in Bangalore.

"The digitalization of modern society changes our way of thinking and action - in both, the business and personal sphere. This change in favor of digitally driven multi-channel behaviors compels companies to approach things in fundamentally different ways," observe founders Andreas Schwend and Daniel Rebhorn.

Many companies are still in the early stages when it comes to "digital commerce" and are planning growth or internationalization. The demand for service providers that can support the entire value chain from strategic consulting to customer experience, operationalization to ongoing operations and marketing of the digital applications, is growing.
The two founders have identified vast growth potential and a unique selling proposition compared to well-known strategy consultants and IT services.