Code of Conduct

Welcome to the diconium group Code of Conduct page.

Our daily conduct is based on our values – COLLABORATION, COURAGE, IMPACT, and MINDFULNESS – and we actively strive to make our teams and customers digital champions. Our strength is the trust our customers, business partners, and the public place in us.

Only if we act with integrity and honesty do we justify this trust. This requires that we know the applicable legal requirements and internal rules – and comply with them.

Our actions are based on the principles of conduct (Code of Conduct).

Our Code of Conduct and our values provide our daily thoughts and work a clear and binding guideline for dealing with existing rules. Each and every one of us bears responsibility for correct conduct in compliance with the rules.

Compliance – Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct

Compliance with the Code of Conduct and a value-based corporate culture that promotes integrity, respect, and fair behaviour is a central concern for us at Embitel. Here are the code of conduct guidelines we follow.


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