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Sustainability Transformation

diconium is your partner for sustainability along the entire business model

Turn your sustainability goals into wins guided by our experts along the whole value chain.

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Helping You Achieve Your Sustainability Goals

Our team of tech specialists and sustainability experts utilizes digitalization to integrate sustainability into organizations, transform business models and create future-proof companies.


Operationalize your sustainability journey

We guide you on your sustainability transformation journey

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Get management buy-in by showing how your sustainability initiatives contribute to the overall business strategy.

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Effortlessly retrieve and enhance data throughout your IT infrastructure via automation to uncover your real business emissions, surpluses and deviations.

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Become active with tailor-made measures that deliver the greatest impact on achieving your sustainability goals.

What we do

Sustainability Strategy
Data & AI
Sustainable IT
Sustainability Strategy
Data & AI
Sustainable IT
Sustainability Strategy

Innovative business models with sustainability in mind support a conscious and future proof company strategy by encouraging customers to make environmentally & socially friendly purchasing decisions and helping to develop into a purpose-driven organization. Wether you want to embark on the sustainability journey yourself and need help with first steps or have specific sustainabiliity questions we support you in holistic sustainability strategies to set the right targets and get into action

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Our approach is the twin transformation of digitalization and sustainability as they are strongly connected with each other.

The digital space has an impact on people, planet and profit


of global electricity consumption is caused by the Information and Communication sector with emissions equal to those of the aviation sector.¹


of the GenZ see the purpose of their work as an important criterion for the choice of company.²


of greenhouse gas emissions in Germany could be avoided through digital applications until 2030.³

Information and communication systems are of central improvement potential

The economy is fundamentally transforming towards a new economy of meaning

Digitalization also has the potential to substantially decrease emissions

How does our sustainability journey look like?

Responsibility has to start with our own business model. Therefore, we set ourselves ambitious targets and execute them in multiple internal projects focused on holistic sustainability.

Sustainability at diconium


Our sustainability experts

Get in touch with our sustainability experts to talk about your sustainability strategy and operations

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Torsten Grünert
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Veronika Abraham
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Swantje Kowarsch
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