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Data Engineering

Lay the foundation for a scalable and secure data ecosystem

Today, every company is a data company. Take your data management to the next level now!


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We transform data into impact

Success Stories of our clients


We provided consultation for the implementation of a robust data lakehouse solution, encompassing real-time data processing, data transformation, and modeling.


We created a unified data ecosystem for vehicle data to enable a data mesh approach to data management.

World leader in aesthetic dentistry

We set up a data warehouse for the integration of multiple data sources for marketing reporting.

Our Services

Data Platform
Cloud Architecture
Data Integration
Data Governance
Data Platform
Cloud Architecture
Data Integration
Data Governance
Data Platform

We help you to accelerate your analytics and insights generation through distributed processing.


Our technologies & partner

04_logo_Google Big Querry
05_logo_amazon Red Shift
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
Apache Spark
Google BigQuery
Amazon Redshift
Apache Kafka
Apache NiFi
Apache AirFlow
...more on request

Exemplary Applications

Modernization of your data ecosystem

We build scalable data platforms and capabilities necessary to ensure your business keeps up with today's and tomorrow’s requirements. 

Data migration

We remove constraints in your data landscape, reduce the costs associated with your data management, and significantly enhance the value derived from data.

Data quality and data security 

We enhance your operational efficiency by providing secure and high-quality data through the implementation of robust security measures and the use of comprehensive data cleansing, data standardization, and data validation techniques. 

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Get in touch with our data engineering experts to solve your data or business challenge. 

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Dennis Klemme
Dennis Klemme
director data architecture & data engineering
Peer Schwirtz
Peer Schwirtz
director data architecture & data engineering
Swantje Kowarsch
Swantje Kowarsch
managing director diconium data

Explore all our data services

Go beyond data engineering and discover how our solutions transform data into tangible impact. 

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Data Driven Marketing
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Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
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Online Marketing
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Data Science


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