Where tech enthusiasm meets responsibility.

Technology, people and nature influence each other. Our most important principle is to connect these spheres in such a way that a sustainable and meaningful whole emerges from them. We know: Bits and bytes may be virtual, but their impact on society and the environment is very real. That's why we take our responsibility seriously and want to create awareness for corporate social & digital responsibility across the entire b2b2c chain – starting with us. In doing so, we are changing our processes, services and products until we can actually experience and measure their positive social impact. We want to take all our employees and customers with us on this journey – that's the only way to achieve sustainable change.

Sustainability @diconium

We understand sustainability as a premise that influences everything we do. In order to always act responsibly in our changing digitalized environment, we will therefore change existing processes. The topics affected by this are very diverse. Some issues have a stronger social focus, others a stronger impact on the environment. And while some changes affect our existence as a digital company, others are analog. Responsibility just goes sometimes with, sometimes without, and both despite and thanks to digitalization. 

As a tech company, we know from a materiality analysis that we have the greatest impact on society and the environment through those products and services that we develop and sell to our customers. At the same time, we also know that we ourselves still have many challenges when it comes to our own organizational processes. Therefore, our transformation is about changing our very own internal business processes as well as developing products and services in such a way that they have a positive social impact – on our customers, their users and the environment.

We are aware that responsibility has thousands of facets and that the path toward sustainability is a transformation. Therefore, we will openly communicate our findings. Everyone who wants to participate should know where we stand and find out where they can get involved. We also want to inspire our customers and partners with our own journey. That is why we are making Sustainability an open-source project: visible, changeable and adaptable to other companies.

Digital Sustainability Hub

The Digital Sustainability Hub (DSH) is an integral part of the corporate structure. Divided into working groups with dedicated contact persons, the members work on topics according to their areas of interest under the umbrella of the community and with the support of the management. This enables us to raise awareness of the responsibility aspect in every strategic decision, even if we are not yet implementing it systematically across all areas. Our structure also helps us to integrate sustainability and digital responsibility across our entire portfolio and to think along with existing customers as well as when acquiring new customers. Insights into our own transformation are often the starting point for customer discussions regarding new organizational structure in terms of increased responsibility. We are aware of the extra effort that is involved for all employees – but we believe in the power of personal dedication.

Our Values

COLLABORATION, COURAGE, IMPACT and MINDFULNESS are the foundation of all our actions. In the spirit of sustainability, we interpret these values as follows:

#collaboration – WIN AS A TEAM

Responsibility and sustainability are goals, visions and values that affect the entire company. That's why we bring together experts and motivated souls from all units and departments.

#courage – DO EPIC THINGS

Hierarchies are of no importance in the digital sustainability hub. The only thing that matters is our shared mission: to shape the company, its products and services responsibly and to approach this transformation in an experimental and transparent way.


Because we also want to encourage other companies to move in this direction beyond our own changes, we are making sustainability an open-source project: visible, changeable and adaptable to other companies. And we are happy to accompany our customers in this process.

#mindfulness – TAKE CARE AND SMILE

Taking responsibility as a company means promoting diversity, trusting and actively supporting each other, and educating ourselves together. We take care of our customers, colleagues and ourselves and remember that private life is inseparable from professional life.

In the following listed topics, the focus is on our own strategic, responsible transformation: our processes, the collaboration between teams and units, and the products and services that result. This transformation has an impact on all stakeholders in our value chain.

At the same time, we advise our customers and partners on how to implement this transformation for them as well. This transfer of our experience to our customers is the mission of our client sustainability services team.

client sustainability services

We are an interdisciplinary team of tech specialists and management experts with a common goal; we help our customers to identify their sustainability potentials and to activate them through innovative initiatives.

environment & resources

To protect the environment and conserve resources, we act according to a clear maxim; we measure our CO2 emissions where we can, reduce them where we can, and compensate when we cannot avoid them.  

product development

Our services are digital – but their impact is real. Both for our users and for the planet. Because every image we store, every bit we use and every line of code we write uses energy and generates CO2.

new work & wellbeing

Our work is more than a means to an end. We want to develop ourselves, contribute our strengths, live our freedom and be an active part of the community. That is our definition of digital leadership. 


We believe that diversity equals power. By embracing and celebrating the unique perspectives and experiences of each individual, we are able to work towards a common goal: providing exceptional services in an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, safe and empowered.

corporate volunteering

Doing good collectively: we support charitable projects that make a difference. Both for us as a team and for society.


Sustainability is a paradigm shift, a transformation that needs connections and structures inside and outside the company. Our colleagues Karine and Anna are responsible for this strategic transformation process, while our colleague Torsten is shaping this transformation with our clients.

Of course, they are not alone. Because you can't create a sustainable future on your own. Our digital champions focus on individual areas depending on their expertise and interests. All colleagues appear under the respective topics.

We are very happy to hear from you. Directly via LinkedIn or by email.

Karine Rübner
head of sustainability


Anna Al-Rayess
consultant to the managing director


Torsten Grünert
director pre-sales consulting
sharing transformation with our clients


Projects (selection)

Sustainable Coding 

If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself. That's why we analyze the carbon footprint of our website diconium.com, identify potential for improvement, and continually transform ourselves into a CO2 reduced website.

Living Diversity

People from all over the world work at diconium. Every single person brings their unique story and individual culture. For this year's Diwali festival, for example, we have had enlightening experiences that lead us to consider how we can celebrate our diversity even more. Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the biggest cultural festivals in India, which many of our Indian colleagues celebrate. Conversations but also debates came about that had never taken place before. And that is also diversity. We want to make it tangible and visible.

Carbon Footprint Measuring

Measuring our footprint accurately requires great transformation. We're already getting started. With workshops, cross-departmental collaborations and external support. We will also describe this process transparently here.