At diconium, you do your thing. At your own pace. Independent of time and place. Equipped with lots of flexibility, personal responsibility and a powerful tech stack. Just as you'd expect from a next-level organization. We call it Hybrid Workplace: our way of matching self-determined work and individual needs with collaboration, teamwork and business requirements. 

The mobile office, your digital workplace: no commute time, better work-life balance.


The local office as a meeting place: The perfect venue for personal meetings and creative interaction with colleagues.

What we all have in common is a spirit of innovation, fun and creativity. We know that these flourish best when you create an agile culture and the right atmosphere. That's why we're rethinking our workspaces. And that's why we free your job from a general obligation to be present and regular working hours. Simply consult with your team and work the way that suits you best.


Welcome To The Hybrid Workplace


Let’s be honest: it doesn’t matter where we work. But how we work. And we can prove it to you: We are currently offering selected colleagues three exceptional trips through Europe. Each of them is an eight-week working and living experience. This is drive your life.

Lisa, Eric and Jennifer have captured their experiences in our blog – in there you cannot only follow our Digital Champions on their adventures but also see how it is to work from the most beautiful places in Europe.


Route 1 | Southeast Europa | Lisa


Route 2 | Northern Europa | Eric


Route 3 | Southern Europa | Jennifer


What did they discover on their adventure? How well were they able to balance work with private life and travel? And is hybrid really the new way of working? 

Read the big post interview with our drive-your-life contestants >

> WE HEAR VOICES – Your Voices <

Of course, we asked our colleagues: What should the new way of working at diconium be like? The result: In the future, our employees want to spend an average of two days a week in the office. Primarily for socializing with colleagues, project-related exchange and creative brainstorming. It is also evident that remote work/home office has undeniable advantages: personal flexibility, the time saved and the positive contribution to the environment.

We have made quite something out of these needs:

  • We offer work models that individually address preferred locations and working hours
  • We redisgn our office space: with a focus on exchange, tranquility and creativity
  • We promote team building on site: with workshop formats, parties and more
  • We support you with the equipment of your workplace at home
  • We provide you with a mobility budget so that you're even more flexible – from public transport to Uber, from City Bikes to E-Scooters
  • We offer a flexible, intuitive booking tool to reserve a window seat in the office, a parking space or a charging slot for your E-Car

Welcome To The Hybrid Workplace



Of course Hybrid Work is not only a campaign to us. Therefore we introduce you to our other colleagues that work from everywhere as digital nomads for diconium.


Our Project Manager Felix recently spent 6 weeks traveling and working in Scandinavia himself. And he has an important tip for your workation.

But Felix, you tell. How was it?

We really enjoyed working abroad. We had the chance to permanently experience new things, to be on the road and to explore nature, villages and cities after work. Due to the midnight sun, we were also able to stay out late in the evenings.

Of course, there were also days at work that went a little longer and when you were glad to just go to bed early. That's part of it. After all, you just keep working as normal.

And what tips do you have for our followers, Felix?

The basic requirement for working remotely abroad is the internet. Therefore, we always wrote to various hosts on Airbnb beforehand and asked about the average speed of the internet. Nevertheless, we wanted to be on the safe side. Therefore, I had gotten myself another SIM card with unlimited data volume as a backup, which I then also needed once or twice as a hotspot.

Most of my colleagues also didn't notice that we were in Scandinavia – successfully proving that remote working abroad works!

Also Sagar, our Director Software Engineer is an absolute travel enthusiast and digital nomad. For the last two years, he's been travelling while working for us from his favorite countries like Portugal, Spain, or Belgium. In his free time, he loves to read books about anthropology, social psychology, and behavioural economics and enjoys watching true crime documentaries.

There's so much more to tell about Sagar and his journeys. So we just let him speak for himself – in our Rewrite Tech Blog.


Read the Interview

Also our colleague Verena Simon, Strategy Consultant at diconium decided to move her home office and stay in different country for a while. After her first workation in October 2021, she chose to live in Lisbon for a while and left the cold winter in Germany in February 2022.

Why Lisbon, you might ask yourselves?

Simple answer: it’s Lisbon. A city where you can find everything: beautiful streets and alleys, colorful houses, a thriving nightlife, the most beautiful beaches within reach, good restaurants and cafes, relaxed people and that positive attitude towards life.

The positive attitude towards life and the joy that this city carries also has a positive effect on my work. I felt more balanced and experienced a lot despite long working days. Lisbon simply invites you to leave the house also later in the evening, because there is so much to discover and see. 

Check out what else Verena shares about her experiences as a Digital Nomad – in our Rewrite Tech Blog.


Read the Blog Arcticle 

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