d2c - Why all businesses will have to become media companies

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Nowadays, traditional brand manufacturers and retailers are facing a challenge that will fundamentally change their world. The sales channel to the end customer via the wholesaler, which has dominated for decades, is in a state of rapid decline. Today’s marketing, sales, and payment options online offer companies many alternative ways of selling their goods and services to the end customer while bypassing the traditional wholesaler. Companies and brands can be profitably structured and operated by embracing the modular integration of all components in the value chain. Young companies in particular – such as VICE Golf, Mr. Marvis, Kapton & Son, Just Spices, or Snocks – seized this opportunity at an early stage and have successfully established themselves over existing manufacturer’s brands in the eyes of the customer.

Everybody is looking at the sales channel, but the subject of brand management is changing just as much. We like to talk about New Brand Management!


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New Brand Management is relevant to which groups?
  • All companies that are already noticing a change in customer interaction or anticipating such a change
  • Retailers or traders that are being confronted with a rising flood of channels
  • D2C players, whether beginners or Champions League
  • B2B companies that would like to understand and adapt B2C trends at an earlier stage


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