In the direct-to-consumer model, the focus is on the relationship with the customer. For manufacturers, this interaction not only offers great opportunities in sales, but also enormous potential for their own company's ability to innovate.

Close contact to the customer at D2C is more than just direct sales. Building direct customer relationships is the goal. It is one of the supporting pillars in digitization - after all, well-established customer relationships open the way to a wealth of valuable data. With the help of this data, companies can in turn develop tailored solutions, optimize their own products, and leverage additional sales potential. This is why the most successful platforms are those that understand their customers' data particularly well, draw the right conclusions from this data, and translate these insights into concrete measures.

But what do consumers expect from manufacturers? What challenges do manufacturers face in building a D2C business? How established is D2C already as a sales channel? And how do you run a successful D2C business? We provide the answers in this overview.

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Brand new: D2C Study 2022

Our exclusive study, conducted with our partner Statista, shows that both consumers and manufacturers have recognized the advantages of D2C. 90 percent of the consumers surveyed have already purchased directly from the manufacturer. And 84 percent of manufacturers who want to introduce or expand D2C want to increasingly use their own online store in the future.  

The results indicate that D2C is not just a trend: D2C is not just a trend, but a necessity for companies. Our experts explain in nine practical recommendations which strategic, technical, cultural, and communication considerations they should take into account in advance in order to build up a sustainable D2C business.


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Innovative D2C brands offer simple solutions which focus on the customer. The diconium "HOUSE OF D2C®" helps companies to successfully enter the D2C business. The framework provides inspiration and a tailor-made approach for building D2C companies.


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The successful digital transformation of a company is not completed with the establishment of an online shop. Digital transformation is about the transformation of the entire company. In the context of D2C, the first question should be: Which customer needs must be satisfied? Our D2C solutions facilitate the transformation into a meaningful brand with a focus on customer orientation, transparency, and purpose.


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In episode 8 of his #RunningDigitalTransformation videocast, Marcus Worbs talks to Moritz Klämt, Corporate Vice President Global Digital Marketing and E-Commerce at Henkel, about the challenges of D2C business in the consumer goods industry. "To find reasons why people should buy products directly from us - you have to dig deep into the box of ideas," Moritz Klämt admits. Find out which approaches Henkel has used to establish direct customer contact and why it's all about washing laundry in the video.        


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A rising number of consumers are using a many different channels for getting information about companies and prmotions, in order to purchase products and services. In other words: Companies can engage with consumers through a lot of different touchpoints. While the majority of companies believe the implementation of an omnichannel approach is therefore imporant, there is often a lack of implementation und exucuation. Our omnichannel framework helps companies make the customer experience as convenient and seamless as possible.  


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