Digital Commerce Trend Report 2022
What will digital commerce look like in the near future? On which platforms do retailers need to be represented in order not to miss the connection to the (new) target group? What has long been established abroad and will soon be part of daily business?

The glory of digital commerce is not new – not for customers, nor for brands and retailers. But in the last two years, the pandemic has turned an already exploding online sales trend into a strategy for survival.

This is why we asked our interdisciplinary experts to identify the most important digital commerce trends for 2022: from Headless and Television Commerce to Digital Live Shopping, Marketplace Strategies and Quick Retail. It's not just about predictions, but about technologies and strategies you can adopt today to stay ahead of the competition. 

But that's not all: Since we all live in a fast and agile business world, this report will be continuously expanded and supplemented by new formats such as webinars or videos on the respective topics on our landing page. In this way, you run with us in the rhythm of technology and to the beat of society. 



9 powerful trends AT A GLANCE

Wouldn't it be practical if IT solutions in digital commerce could be plugged together again and again as needed? Composable Commerce makes it possible: Fast, flexible, and independent of single vendors.

T-Commerce revolutionizes product placement: Everything you see on a screen, you can directly order – without any detours.

Messenger Services are increasingly becoming the focus of retailers. It has never been easier to handle conversation and conversion in one interface.

How do retailers create added value via their own brands for customers? The Direct-2-Consumer approach provides the right strategy for this and makes it possible to build new digital customer relationships.

Increasingly oriented to real-time: Customers increasingly want to get their goods faster. Rapid Commerce shows how retailers can meet this demand by using technology – in the handling of purchasing processes up to delivery.

Ordered via app, delivered to the consumer's doorstep just minutes later: Quick commerce is a radically shortened customer journey with maximum customer focus and intelligent data analysis.

Marketplaces in various forms and alliances can complement an online store. Retailers should weigh up when it is worthwhile for them to.

Analyzing data by using artificial intelligence can help to understand the customer better – and equally boost sales.

With the increase in new sales channels, the demands on retailers are also rising: customer centricity is becoming the supreme discipline.

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