The digital commerce trends of the future

Online commerce is everchanging, constantly presenting retailers with difficult decisions. However, managers can only make today’s decisions if they understand tomorrow’s trends. In the new ‘Future Report’, experts from diconium explain the four most important commerce trends: gamification, data mesh, metaverse, and virtual influencers. They talk about which course online retailers can take to be one step ahead of the competition.

Over the past two years, online shopping has garnered an unprecedented level of relevance and acceptance among consumers. According to a representative D2C study by diconium, 77 percent of Germans like to buy their products digitally and want to online shop more in the future. This demand requires e-commerce providers to work continuously on their digital business models and react to current developments. The ‘Future Report’ explains which four global trends will change the shopping experience – gamification, data mesh, metaverse, and virtual influencers.


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Future Trends Report

Increase customer loyalty with gamification

Gamification encourages customer retention through play. Yu-Kai Chou has developed the Octalysis framework, which addresses the eight core human values. In his guest article, Chou explains why gamification works so well and how online retailers can use his framework.

Future Trends Report

Virtual influencers as brand ambassadors

Virtual influencers have the potential to become a million-dollar business. Digital avatars like Lil Miquela can be geared to a specific target group and constantly optimized. If followers see themselves in these virtual images, they will develop close ties. For companies, virtual influencers are interesting for another reason: Over time, valuable economies of scale are created.

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Future Trends Report

Online shopping in the Metaverse

The next metropolis will not be a physical place but a virtual one. After Mark Zuckerberg's change of strategy in the Metaverse’s direction, the trend is on everyone's lips. And rightly so: 87 percent of Gen Z already enter the Metaverse at least once a week. Brands are also venturing into the virtual worlds. Gucci, for example, has already bought virtual property, while McDonald's is planning to sell real food in virtual restaurants.

Future Trends Report

More data responsibility through
data mesh

The problem with compartmentalized data silos within companies is a familiar one. The decentralized data architecture approach ‘Data Mesh’ breaks down these silos and establishes a grid-like structure, turning data into a flexible asset. This means that different departments can use this data independently.

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