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Sustainable IT

Architecting tomorrow with cutting-edge solutions

Why this is relevant 

Our services are digital – but their impact is real. Because every bit we use and every line of code we write uses energy and generates CO2. And this is precisely where enormous potential lies, for your business, your costumers and specially for our environment.  To fully harness this potential, diconium concentrates on two specific areas: 

Cost-effective IT infrastructure
A collaboration between business and IT to optimize and reduce carbon emissions throughout the entire IT environment. 

Sustainable product development 
Socially and ecologically responsible planning and execution of software systems and applications to foster enhanced resource efficiency and inclusion. 

What we do

We guide you through the complete digital value chain, beginning with a sustainable digital strategy, eco-friendly software development (green coding), IT infrastructure, data storage and usage, up to the environment-friendly conscious design of your website (digital nudging) and attainment of a successful sustainability certification.  

Whether it is a big strategic technology decision or a simple IT application that will be used thousands of times, there is always potentials for a positive impact for our environment. 


Explore Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer an option – it is decisive for business success in the long term. Governments, consumers, and employees expect companies to make a positive contribution to society and the environment We are no longer talking about corporate responsibility as a "nice-to-have", but more and more about a political entity that prescribes sustainable action. 

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