Cloud Solutions for Companies

The cloud is fundamentally revolutionizing the way companies operate. But this is only possible if the provider is chosen properly, the cloud solution is implemented correctly and if professional change management adapts the processes in the company as required. diconium does all this - and contributes many years of experience in innovating your work processes.

Cloud Solutions for Companies

The cloud is the essence of every successful digital enterprise

Working in the cloud has great advantages for businesses. Not only does it save the purchase and maintenance of complex hardware. It also revolutionizes work itself: it accelerates processes, fuels innovation, and eases collaboration between distant locations. Without the cloud, microservice architectures and continuous deployment are almost unthinkable.

Taking advantage of these opportunities also presents great challenges. From a large number of providers, the one best suited to the company must be selected. Then the solution must be implemented and extended for the needs of the respective users. Last but not least, processes within the company must be converted and the employees have to be truly convinced about the new solution.


Cloud Solutions for Companies


In workshops and with detailed requirement analyses, we generate insights into the potential of a cloud solution for your company. We select the best provider for you, take over the implementation and complete our service with individually developed software applications.

In workshops and intensive requirements analyses, we generate insights on the potential that a cloud solution offers your company. We will look for the appropriate provider for you, undertake the implementation and supplement the package with individually-developed software applications. We involve stakeholders in all processes right from the start. In addition, our solutions undergo agile tests (POC, MVP).

diconium guarantees a fast, secure and optimal result, tailor-made for you.


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