Mobile Solutions

Native apps improve customer loyalty, enhance the customer service experience and thus strengthen the profile of your brand. diconium develops apps for Android and iOS that are intuitive to use and offer relevant, innovative functions.

Mobile Solutions


Today's customers expect companies to be available anytime, anywhere. On their smartphones, they want to access information, consume content and use services - conveniently, reliably and individually tailored to their needs.

Especially native apps, which perform better than web apps and mobile websites, offer a great potential for companies. By providing information and services offline and online, they solidify customer loyality and strengthen the brand. Besides this, they improve communications with customers: integrating your services on the smartphone makes interaction with users easier, more intuitive and more personal. Additionally, functions like GPS and push notifications allow for a more direct, situational approach.

Mobile Solutions


We contribute over 20 years of experience in e-business to the development of native applications for iOS and Android. We know how an app has to be structured to make users accept and enjoy it, and we also understand the latest trends and must-haves in mobile functions. We follow the Android and iOS user guidelines for intuitive UX design.

We determine which components are useful for your app and develop the necessary infrastructure. During the development process, we continuously test the app, allowing us to make agile adjustments. diconium thinks end-to-end: after the deployment, we take care of the publication on Google Play and the App Store, and we handle the further administration of the app.


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