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AI Chatbots & Assistants

More than just a hype

The use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) is more than just a hype. It offers your company diverse internal and external application possibilities, ranging from classic chatbots in customer or employee service to content creation and sales assistance. Properly utilized, AI enables increased customer satisfaction, more efficient processes, and cost savings.

We assist you in identifying the appropriate application areas and implementing secure, tailored solutions in your company.


Customized AI solutions

What are the benefits of developing customized AI chatbots and assistants in your company?



Successfully implemented AI assistants provide practical added value for their users and represent a positive return on investment for companies.



Users or operators are protected from misbehavior of the AI assistant (e.g. providing incorrect information).



High security standards protect the AI assistant from malicious attacks and users.



Consideration of the legal risks (e.g. data protection) of the company- and industry-specific deployment of AI assistants.

Our success stories

Merz Aesthetics
Merz Aesthetics

diconium develops two AI assistants for Merz Aesthetics: On the website, a multilingual chatbot guides customers through the company's product range and answers frequently asked questions. Internally, a customized assistant supports employees in their daily tasks, answering questions about processes and policies based on a knowledge platform.

Marketing & AI

Our in-house developed chatbot named 'dicobot' is the first point of contact for all possible questions from our users on the diconium website. We give an insight behind the scenes of the development.

Marketing & AI

Trust is crucial for AI success 

Generative AI is evolving rapidly. It is important not to overlook the risks, such as data protection, intellectual property, discrimination, and security. We support our clients in developing trustworthy AI for secure use cases and reliable decisions.

If your AI application falls within the risk classes 'high risk' or 'potentially high risk' under the European Union's AI Act, we prepare it for possible certifications.

Protect the return on your investment in artificial intelligence!

Learn more about trustworthy AI


Our technologies & partners

Together with our trusted partners and with the help of cutting-edge technologies, we expand the possibilities of artificial intelligence to develop innovative solutions for our clients.

Our AI expertise 

Our multidisciplinary team of more than 200 data and AI experts is your implementation partner for customized use cases in the field of artificial intelligence. diconium accompanies you on the journey to leverage AI in your company, always working closely with your team.


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David Blumenthal-Barby
David Blumenthal-Barby
principal specialist AI engineering
Swantje Kowarsch
Swantje Kowarsch
managing director diconium data
Amr Salama
Amr Salama
director data science

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