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diconium is one of four lighthouse partners in the Microsoft Agency Partner Program.

Fast, flexible, globally scalable

Benefit from Microsoft solutions and diconium expertise in the implementation of complex projects in the area of digital transformation and customer experience. Our partnerships with SAP, Adobe, Commercetools, Intershop and Celonis make us a versatile partner for your content and commerce projects. Our AI and IoT know-how combined with the strengths of the Microsoft solution portfolio guarantee your project success. The diconium consulting and implementation team works hand in hand with Microsoft experts on technical issues. 

Microsoft Partner

Cloud N°9: Microsoft Azure 

More than 80 percent of enterprise workloads could be running in the cloud in 2020. The benefits include greater flexibility, efficiency, productivity and scalability, and lower costs.

The Microsoft solution Azure is one of the strongest cloud services on the market. A major advantage of the scalable and customizable platform: data can be stored partly in the cloud and partly locally. Another positive factor: programs can also be used in Azure with locally stored data. 

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

diconium is a specialist in the fields of data and artificial intelligence and also offers future-oriented IoT solutions. Both technologies will be taken to a new level in conjunction with Azure.  

Microsoft provides a range of powerful AI-based personalization functions for e-commerce. Microsoft Azure's Cognitive Services offer a range of machine learning tools that process large data sets and handle personalization models. diconium gets the most out of the possibilities for you as a technology consultant and implementer. 

By using Azure IoT, we enable you to open up entirely new business areas, improve productivity or reduce waste by using AI and machine learning to quickly process very large amounts of data from a wide variety of IoT devices. We offer end-to-end solutions in the areas of embedded systems, mobile, cloud technologies & communication protocols to ensure the delivery of turnkey solutions. Our customized gateway solutions enable communication between sensor networks and end-user devices. For this purpose we employ more than 400 people in Bangalore with a focus on IoT and Connected Cars.


Microsoft Partner

The benefits of Azure

  • Flexibility: Services and applications can be provided flexibly and scalably.
  • Minimum costs: Thanks to the hourly-based pricing concept, your costs are calculable at any time.
  • Easy management: You can add as many applications to your cloud as you want at any time, making it easy to manage your resources.
  • Work locally: Azure can also work with locally stored data.
  • Fast integration: Microsoft Azure can be quickly integrated into existing IT infrastructures.
  • Extensive: Developments can be implemented with any tools and frameworks and in the desired development language. More than 100 services help to implement developments even faster.
  • Trust: Over 95 percent of all Fortune 500 companies already use Azure.
  • Future-proof: Microsoft's ongoing innovations support your development in the present and your product goals for the future.
  • International: With the highest number of global regions a cloud provider can deliver, Azure provides the scalability you need to enable users around the world to access your applications. 55 regions in 140 countries.

Microsoft Partner



With diconium as its technology partner, the Volkswagen Group is taking the next step in its digitization strategy. A central component is the global online sales platform, through which Volkswagen customers can purchase and also manage all upcoming "We" services and on-demand functions for the connected car. Microsoft plays an important role as a strategic partner in this context. 


diconium implemented a migration project to the Microsoft Azure Cloud for a worldwide leading manufacturer of digital print products. Among other things, the migration of the Digital Fulfillment System to the Azure Cloud, including 230 servers, was carried out. Since January 2020, all jobs in the live system have been routed through the cloud. For the migration we used containers with Docker Swarm technology.


Trumpf, Stihl, Allianz


diconium meets Microsoft

diconium managing director Markus Böhm In conversation with Alexandra Mennes, Senior Partner Manager At Microsoft

Alexandra Mennes: Why has diconium become a partner of Microsoft?

Markus Böhm: For us, Microsoft is not the extended workbench, but the extension of our service portfolio. In terms of infrastructure, when we talk about the Azure Cloud.

Mennes: Which topic has particularly great potential in this cooperation?

Böhm:  I'm thinking about the Internet of Things. More than 400 employees work on this topic in our Indian branch alone. And rightly so! Because IoT is attractive for almost all companies - even in retail commerce.  And ultimately also in the area of AI, where it is about integrating Microsoft's Cognitive Services and leveraging your expertise.

Mennes: What do you think the customer gets from our partnership?

Böhm: Through our close partnership we have a much better and faster access to your expertise. The magic word here is Go-to-Market. You are also ideally positioned globally. diconium is also becoming more and more international, as are our customers. Having accelerated access to this makes a clear added value for the customer.

Mennes: I see another advantage. Many companies have a knot in the C-Level area. On the one hand there is IT, which is stepping on the brakes a bit. On the other side there is the CDO or CMO who has to drive the digital transformation. Together we can manage to solve the problem for the customer. So that they can move forward in their transformation - at the right speed.

Böhm: For us, transformation is also not just technology. There are three factors: one is people culture - in other words, a clear change in mindset. Then there is the issue of processes. And the third factor is IT. Many customers try to beat or solve this issue with IT. And they think: okay, if I go to the cloud, I've already taken a step towards digitalization. That's certainly a step in the right direction, yes, but it's not the full one.

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