Marketing Automation

From Zero to Hero

Scaled processes, permanent improvement, consistent transparency about operations and successes, satisfied customers, fewer costs, more conversions. That's what most individuals in charge of marketing want. Do you use marketing automation? How far have you made progress with that?

Read about what marketing automation means in detail in our whitepaper. Find out why you should introduce a marketing system and determine the level of success it will help you achieve. In this article you will discover details and views that you, or your marketing employees, have probably not considered so far.

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Marketing Automation

Content of the download:

  • Get out of the buzzword jungle
  • What to automate exactly?
  • What is a marketing process? The requirement of every automation
  • The magic big green "GO" button Put the marketing machinery into operation with one click
  • The marketing system The funnel as a framework
  • Marketing Automation from Zero to Hero – Six steps to success

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