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Trustworthy AI

Trust is essential for
AI success

We help you build certification-ready AI as a safe and robust business companion

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Prepare your AI for regulation

AI systems are decision-making systems.
To realize the full potential of AI trust in those decisions is key. This is especially true if your AI is used in a mission-critical area, such as finance, logistics, or R&D, or in a safety-critical domain, such as medical devices or driver assistance. The upcoming EU AI Act will regulate the use of AI in a wide range of high-risk areas, including infrastructure, employment, essential financial services, education, and others.

AI in critical areas needs to be safe, robust, and fair.

Three pillars for trustworthy
AI development

How can we build trusted solutions with such a young technology such as AI?



A system’s decision making needs to be transparent with respect to performance metrics and the data used to train the system.



A trustworthy system needs to be developed with a thorough and systematic process based on established best practices.



The ultimate seal of trust is a certification of the system by a reputable independent certification body.

How diconium helps you develop trustworthy AI

Is my system high-risk under the EU AI Act?

EU Regulated Domains
Generative AI
EU Product Safety Legislation
EU Regulated Domains
Generative AI
EU Product Safety Legislation
EU Regulated Domains

Any AI system that falls under one of the following categories is high-risk, and has to be registered in the EU database:
// Biometric identification
// Operation of critical infrastructure
// Access to education
// Access to and management of employment
// Access to essential public/private services (for example insurance, credit)
// Law enforcement
// Migration, asylum and border control

Benefit from our experience


We are member of the KI Bundesverband, an alliance of 400+ AI companies dedicated to ethical AI.


We have gained the TRUSTIFAI certificate by TÜV Austria for a medical imaging application.

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David Blumenthal-Barby
principal specialist AI engineering
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Arash Azhand
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Swantje Kowarsch
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