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Content Revolution Workshop: How Bosch Rexroth empowers its international marketing team with key AI knowledge

Written by Roxana Hughes & Michael Rocktäschel

The most important facts in 20 seconds
  • The use of generative AI often fails in companies due to a lack of AI expertise among employees.
  • Bosch Rexroth has significantly improved the AI skills of its content and marketing managers through the “Content Revolution Workshop” led by diconium.
  • The hands-on AI training by diconium helped the team quickly identify the most important use cases for themselves, aiming to make all phases of content management and creation more efficient.

Since ChatGPT came onto the scene, generative AI has become a hot topic. It's especially valuable in content marketing, offering significanthuge benefits. But, using AI daily can be tricky for many employees who often lack the needed expertise. This makes it all the more important to properly equip employees so that together they can establish the right data and AI framework for optimized value creation.


diconium hosted a "Content Revolution Workshop" for 35 international content and marketing managers at Bosch Rexroth, a leader in drive and control technology. Our senior expert, Michael Rocktäschel, will share details about this hands-on AI training and the key takeaways for the company in this interview



Michael Rocktäschel

senior expert




Hello Michael, could you describe from your perspective: What was the focus of the Content Revolution Workshop with Bosch Rexroth? 


Michael Rocktäschel: Absolutely. This workshop focused specifically on how generative AI can revolutionize the daily work of content creators and marketing managers at Bosch Rexroth. We conducted two intense sessions, each lasting three hours, working closely with the professionals to significantly imrove their AI skills. The main goal was to directly apply theoretical knowledge into practical AI use.


How did you design the content of the training? 


Michael Rocktäschel:

The training was a six-hour session that combined lectures with hands-on practice, and it was divided into two main parts: First, we showcased the capabilities of generative AI through a live demonstration. Then, participants worked with specific examples across the entire content production process, which helped them understand and discuss how this technology will impact marketing roles in the future.


How did you blend theory and practice in the training? 


Michael Rocktäschel: The two-day event was packed with valuable background knowledge and practical training: briefing AI correctly, designing prompts, performing iterations, and enhancing content. In small groups, participants actively tested tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, learning how to effectively integrate these AI tools into their work. Tasks that typically take hours could be completed in minutes. The sometimes abstract potential of generative AI became tangibly clear.


What specific results did Bosch Rexroth achieve from the workshop


Michael Rocktäschel: The workshop helped the team become more comfortable with generative AI. It also improved the AI skills of Bosch Rexroth's content and marketing managers. By the end, all participants felt confident in their ability to use the technology and had learned how to design effective prompts. We also found several straightforward ways to use generative AI to make their work more efficient and improve their content marketing.


What additional benefits did participants gain? 


Michael Rocktäschel: Our goal is to directly transfer the positive dynamics of the workshop into the daily work of the marketers. To this end, we've provided them with a handbook containing about 200 useful prompts for inspiration. Additionally, the formation of an AI community will offer them opportunities to support each other and exchange ideas on various topics. The new skills also raise questions about the role of quality, speed, breadth, and depth of content. We need to consider what role content will play in the future and how tasks and structures may need to change. It's clear that generative AI is here to stay and it will fundamentally change our work environment.

The feedback from the participants speaks for itself: 

The diconium 'Generative AI - Content Revolution Workshop' was a game-changer for our marketing community. The hosts from diconium were knowledgeable and engaging, making complex concepts easy to understand. The hands-on exercises and real-world examples were valuable, and the inclusive and interactive atmosphere made it a collaborative experience. We left the workshop equipped with new insights and confidence to apply AI-powered content generation in our marketing strategies and daily work. Highly recommended!” 

Stephan Karg, New Experience Marketing, Bosch Rexroth 
bosch rexroth NEU

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