Compliance – whistleblower system

Welcome to the website of the whistleblower system of the diconium group.

Conformity with legal requirements and internal compliance rules

Conformity with the law, rules and internal policies is a top priority in the diconium Group. Only if rules are complied with and standards met can we avert harm to our company, our employees and our business partners. That is why improper conduct must be detected early on, addressed, and promptly remedied. To do this it is essential that all involved parties be vigilant, and ready to point out potential contraventions where concrete indications are evident.  We also take very seriously any information in this regard provided by business partners, customers and any other third parties. Reports to the Whistleblower System can be made at any time and in any language.

The whistleblower system is an important ingredient of good company leadership. In a process that is fair and transparent the whistleblower system protects the company, the affected parties, and the whistleblower. The system is based on standardized and faster procedures, and confidential and professional processing of information by internal and external experts. An investigation is only initiated after very careful examination of the facts and reasonable suspicion of a regulatory violation. There will be strict confidentiality and secrecy throughout the investigative process. 

The diconium Group (companies in Europe, USA and India) runs an appropriate and effective Compliance Management System (CMS) designed according to the IDW AssS 980 standard. The diconium group has had this Compliance Management System audited by Rödl & Partner in 2019/2020 according to the IDW AssS 980 standard. Within the scope of this audit, the effectiveness of the CMS was confirmed at the end of the audit period 31.07.2020.

Contact at diconium

Nadine Stifel, Chief Compliance Officer diconium Group
Tel.: +49(0)711-2992-277

Compliance – Hinweisgebersystem | diconium

Compliance – whistleblower system

Report concerns – to whom?

The diconium Group is linked to the whistleblower system of the Volkswagen Group. For employees, but also for business partners and customers, different ways for whistleblowers to report their concerns are provided. They are accessible internationally and are listed as follows. Information is treated strictly confidentially, and by request, also anonymously.

In person
Investigation Office (K-ICW),
Porschestrasse 1, 38440 Wolfsburg (city centre)

By post

Investigation Office,
Brieffach 1717, 38436 Wolfsburg / Germany

By phone
Internal: 0049 5361 9 46300
External: 00 800 444 46300*

*Depending on the country you are calling from, it is possible that the international toll-free hotline is not available since some telephone network providers do not support the service. If so, please use the offered chargeable number or your country specific number.

Country  Toll Free Number   Local Number
Brazil 0800-5912743 021-23911381
Mexico 001-800-461-0242 0155-71000355
Slovak Republic 0800-002576 02-33325602
USA 833-6571574 908-2198092
South Africa 0800-994983 021-1003533
Malaysia 1-800-819523 0154-600099
Argentina 0800-6662992 011-52528632


By email

Online reporting channel