diversity, equity & inclusion

We believe that diversity equals power. By embracing and celebrating the unique perspectives and experiences of each individual, we are able to work towards a common goal: providing exceptional services in an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, safe and empowered.  
Embracing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)

Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals to embrace their true selves and express their uniqueness. We strive to cultivate an inclusive culture that prioritises the comfort and well-being of every employee, regardless of age, ethnicity, nationality, gender, physical and mental ability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or social background. We recognise and celebrate the value of diversity and seek to raise awareness and promote it at all levels of diconium. Our commitment to fostering an environment that is welcoming and respectful to all is unwavering.

At diconium, we share a deep commitment to our values. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace is essential to our success, and we are committed to integrating these values into all of our daily decisions and actions.­

Our challenge now is to ensure that these values are not just words on paper but are truly lived and rooted in the minds of all our employees. To achieve this, we will take concrete steps to foster diversity and make our workplace more equitable and inclusive. We will transparently communicate our journey towards this goal, both internally and publicly.

We believe that transparency is key to building trust and fostering a culture of openness and accountability. We will share our progress, successes, and challenges openly and honestly, recognizing that our journey towards a diverse and inclusive workplace will require ongoing effort and dedication.

Moreover, we believe that our commitment to diversity and inclusion goes beyond our own organization. We are committed to being a positive force for change in our industry and our communities. We will actively engage with stakeholders, partners, and customers to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and encourage them to join us in this journey.

We as a digital agency strive to create an inclusive culture that fosters diversity and values all individuals’ unique perspectives and experiences. Furthermore, we employ our collective talents and expertise to drive positive change and innovation in our industry and beyond. To achieve this, we have set ourselves the following goals:


Our top priority is to foster an inclusive corporate culture and an equitable workplace where all PEOPLE feel valued, heard, safe and empowered.

Create awareness and understanding: We intend to develop a comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion training format, for all employees to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of promoting diversity, fairness and inclusion in the workplace.

Reflect on our processes and practices: We want to rethink our current workplace processes and practices, adjust them with respect to DE&I and create new ones for all our people to feel valued, safe and heard.

Keep ongoing commitment to pay equity: We aim to continue to address pay equity by conducting regular pay equity analyses to identify and close any pay disparities based on gender or other factors.

Cascade our DEI goals: We are working on detailed plans of action for each business unit to ensure diverse setup, talent pipeline, equity, and inclusion.


We strive to have diverse leadership teams where all our LEADERS feel accountable to foster diversity and inclusion.

Increase diversity in leadership positions: We want to set targets for increasing diversity in management positions and eliminate bias in the hiring, development, and promotion processes. This way we will ensure that diverse perspectives are represented at all levels of the company and all decisions we make are inclusive.

Enable professional growth: We want to provide development opportunities and mentorship programs that enable employees from diverse backgrounds to advance their careers and enable leaders to guide and encourage their growth.


In partnership with our CLIENTS, we aim to provide services that drive diversity, equity and inclusion in our industry, ensuring that our solutions are innovative and benefit all.

Embed DE&I in our services: We want to evaluate how inclusive is our current communication with clients is, how inclusive are the projects we take on, how inclusive are the decisions we make in our projects, what social groups we benefit with our solutions, whether we consider all perspectives and how can we expand the scope of groups we benefit with our solutions

Equip our people: We aim to equip our people with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop and deliver services that consider the interest of diverse social groups.


Emerging Communities

As diconium, we are a community ourselves, growing and growing. Within this community, many people discover that they share certain common themes with others – whether sports, culture, mutual challenges, goals or interests: And so small communities form within diconium as well. We want to support these communities by giving them a space to exchange ideas but also to make common topics visible outside the community. An example of an already existing community is womxn@diconium. Examples of communities that are just emerging are LGBTQI@diconium and parents@diconium.

Living Diversity

People from all over the world work at diconium. Every single person brings their unique story and individual culture. For this year's Diwali festival, for example, we have had enlightening experiences that lead us to consider how we can celebrate our diversity even more. Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the biggest cultural festivals in India, which many of our Indian colleagues celebrate. They also wanted to celebrate this colourful cultural event in Berlin and Stuttgart, so diconium invited all staff members. Conversations but also debates came about that had never taken place before. And that is also diversity. We want to make it tangible and visible.

Unconscious Bias

In order to create and maintain the values-based work environment that we hold at heart, it is first and foremost necessary to raise sensitivity. Because quite often we are not even aware that unconscious bias influences our everyday lives and decisions. Unconscious bias is based on social stereotypes that we form just unconsciously. Whether in the recruiting process, in leadership style or in teamwork, we want to create opportunities to sensitize and, at best, dissolve cognitive biases. Via online training, for example, we actively work on questioning our "biases" and making decisions rationally, rather than intuitively. After all, it is only by meeting people in new narratives that we can break down our biases and create a stronger, more diverse, and more open work environment.

Signee of the Diversity Charter

Justice, equality and open, appreciative cooperation are part of our principles. As signee of the Diversity Charter, diconium therefore also officially supports diversity.


We are actively engaged in creating, promoting and nurturing a culture of many cultures.