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A success story in fast motion: a few weeks after the founding of this company for Daimler AG, there were the first success stories; after only two years, a fully formed unit that realizes products agilely and quickly.


Industry: Automotive, IT

Business: B2B

diconium expertise: Company building, product-/service development, recruiting



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"CINTEO is a story of rapid success. This company achieved initial success a few weeks after its founding for Daimler AG. After only two years, a fully formed unit that realizes products agilely and quickly. At the same time, CINTEO - and the resulting - was a talent magnet that sustainably strengthens Daimler's expertise. Without the close cooperation with diconium, this development would not have been possible."

Sabine Scheunert | Vice President Digital & IT Sales/Marketing | Mercedes Benz Cars

Digital Company


As the inventor of the automobile, Daimler AG is also shaping the mobility of the future. To this end, the Group is transforming itself from an automaker into a mobility provider, meeting changing customer expectations and winning new markets.

164.3 million € revenue (2017)

~ 289 employees

> 3 million vehicles sold

Represented in almost every country of the world


  • Achieve speed in the implementation of products and services
  • Attract highly qualified employees
  • Introduce agile corporate culture
  • Build up the Group's own digital competence
  • Create office space for new ways of working


Established and evolved corporate structures often leave little room for quick decisions. Yet agility is perhaps the most important success factor in the digital age. CINTEO GmbH is the brainchild of this philosophy: on the one hand, a separate unit operated by diconium that worked with agile methods. On the other hand, CINTEO allowed the company to build up its own expertise - as an inner nucleus of the digital transformation, so to speak.


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  • Implementation of holistic projects such as the Digital Commerce Platform
  • Global scaling of products and services
  • Recruiting of 90 highly qualified employees (mainly IT) in only 26 months
  • Awards such as the Red Dot Design Award or the German Online Communication Award
  • Integration of CINTEO into Daimler AG after only two years

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