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Ihr Kontakt bei diconium

Daniel Rebhorn
co-founder/managing director diconium

As co-founder and managing director of the diconium group, I am responsible for portfolio management as well as corporate strategy and have central operational responsibility. I am also chairman of our Indian company embitel. 

I have been fascinated by the digital world since I was a child. I started programming when I was 13 – on a C64, my first computer. I was immediately hooked, because it was not just playing games that was fun, but also developing games. A quite lucrative hobby: I started programming software and selling it in the schoolyard. I also improved my study fund.

It was only a stone's throw from the first academic software project to a serious business. Together with fellow students, I built up a UNIX company where I learned a lot about founding a company, management and customer acquisition at first hand. I also discovered employee management and motivation back then.  

Today I am primarily dealing with what our customers expect from us in the future. To this end, I am working intensively on the effects new technologies and business models have on companies.

Aside from work, I like cooking and eating, swimming, running, snowboarding and spending time with my two kids.