Digitalization is putting companies under immense pressure. Customer centricity opens up new possibilities, but forces changes in strategy, customer approaches, technology, processes and organization. Existing approaches in companies no longer work and require a radical reorientation. We believe that a new kind of company is needed to meet these challenges.


Digital to the core

We have been around since 1995, and ever since, we have been reinventing ourselves - stagnation is for others. Benefit from our many years of experience and our passion for progress.  



Digitization is everywhere. That's why diconium has experts for every stage of the digital transformation - end-to-end: from innovation and strategy, customer experience and marketing to commerce and technology solutions, company building and change management. 


diconium only offers technologies that we master at the highest level. Solutions that are suitable for enterprise customers or businesses. Our partners' awards are proof of this. The adaptability to customer, future security and the degree of maturity are particularly important to us. 


diconium is strong, but also resilient. We accept great challenges, but we know our limits. That's why we say "no" if a project seems hopeless or does not contribute to the success of our client. 


We work transparently and hand in hand with you, and are goal-oriented thanks to our feedback culture. We do exactly what needs to be done - and much more if it is to your advantage. 


Wherever you are, diconium is at your service. All over Germany and in the world' s leading technology hubs. With fourteen locations from Stuttgart, London and Lisbon to Bangalore and the Silicon Valley.


We produce results in record time, but not at any price. Instead of following every hype, diconium brings important innovations to a new level of maturity. With highly solid results. 

AgilE & FAST

diconium stands for self-responsible teams, market proximity and results orientation. Agility makes us, our projects and thus you flexible and fast. Our most important maxim: we are committed to your way of working - not the other way around. 


Pioneering spirit alone is not enough; standards are also needed. That is why diconium is both, agile like a start-up, reliable like a traditional company. Our credo: a lot of enthusiasm, as little process as possible.  


Failure is part of the business? Not at all! diconium has never failed an IT project. On the contrary, we accept tasks to complete them with top marks. This is also proven by our partners' certificates. The result: an excellent track record, loyal customers and top rankings.

What's next?


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Daniel Rebhorn
co-founder/managing director diconium